The Pros And Cons Of The Transgender Rights Movement

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Most people don’t have to think about which bathroom to use. They use the one labeled men’s or the one labeled women’s. It’s a simple decision. For transgender individuals, however, it is not that easy. The transgender rights movement has gained a lot of attention in recent years and with that attention brings many issues and questions. One of the issues that has popped up is which bathroom transgender people should use. Some think that people should only use the bathroom of the sex that they were assigned at birth while others feel they should be able to use the one that corresponds with the gender they feel they are and live as. Forcing transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their biological sex may seem like a good solution to this…show more content…
Many people believe that letting transgender people use the bathroom they want is violating the rights of the rest of the population. Due to this, bills have been and continue to be proposed that would make everyone use the bathroom that matches the sex on their legal documents. In order to avoid discrimination and other issues, this would mean that restaurants and other establishments would have to make every customer provide identification to get into the bathroom (Metlzer). For those who are not transgender, this would seem annoying and unnecessary. For those who are, it might be a sensitive subject, as many consider it a very private part of their lives. One that they probably do not want strangers at a restaurant knowing. While transgender men and women have to worry about public establishments, school is a big area of concern for transgender students. There have been many cases of students who have either been encouraged or forced to use the bathroom of their biological sex or a staff bathroom. Some state courts have ruled that transgender students have to be allowed the choice of which bathroom to use and not giving them this choice is violating their rights. The first case of this was in Maine, after a transgender student’s school tried to make her use a unisex bathroom. (Wetzstein 1). Transgender employees
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