Bedroom Tax Affected People Essay

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To What Extent has the Bedroom Tax Affected People
Britain is currently undergoing the biggest overhaul of the welfare system since its introduction. The welfare system was first established with the assurance that people less fortunate would be able to have a standard of living that would ensure equality. But the recent amendments brought into place by the current government’s legislations may see the biggest divide between rich and poor since the days of the work houses. How will claimants be affected and who will be affected the most is an issue that will be examined more closely. The current government believes that Britain has become a welfare dependant state and according to BBC news (2013) 2.49 million are currently unemployed; those who are unemployed will also have entitlement to housing benefit and council tax benefit. All claimants will be affected by what will be known as Universal Credits. Universal credits will combine all existing benefits in to one payment; the amount a household can claim in welfare will be capped, this new system could have a catastrophic impact on people’s lives. Furthermore the government does not believe …show more content…

Sue and Paul Rutherford care for their 13 year old son Warren; he was born with a chromosomal disorder called Potocki-Shaffer syndrome. This disorder affects development of his bones, brain and other organs, but he also has Autism and Epilepsy. Since the introduction of the Bedroom Tax the Rutherfords are having such financial hardship that they may see their son put in to care. Paul Rutherford who is himself disabled states that "We would never willingly give up caring for Warren - but we have to be able to feed and clothe him and look after his needs." The Mirrors article sets about showing how unjust the Bedroom Tax is in situations like the Rutherfords; unfortunately there is a thousand others stories just like theirs throughout the

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