The Solution to the Welfare Debate

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For years, the welfare topic has been debated, and throughout history, both failed and thriving solutions have been seen to this dispute. The settlement of the matter of welfare came from independently sponsored programs only to be replaced by government funded organizations and devices to benefit the less fortunate using taxes, aids, and deductions. With the only hope to overcome the grief stricken state our country has been in over the centuries of seeing the destruction of nations over the word that stirs up a variety of emotions, welfare, to be the decreased amount and time government support should be offered. Most importantly, as seen through the effects of social welfare, the need for change in responsibility, the root of the problem, is to be Christians and the community rather than the government’s, whose failed efforts left our country in declining “poverty” as identified by the means-tested programs and raised taxes. The issue of poverty has not sprung upon the citizens of the United States living in the 21st century; rather it has been present and dealt with both here and globally in different degrees of success. This success is reviewed through our country’s welfare history in the solutions to welfare during war, provisions by the people and lastly government provided benefits. When taxes increased to fund the Civil War and a national income tax was issued in 1913 by the U.S. tax code, home mortgage deductions came into play (Welfare Politics 20). These deductions as will be seen have secured its place in the welfare solutions only when in the right hands. As some may believe, the solution to the issue of the problems that arises from the less fortunate is different d...

... middle of paper ... our central value of society throughout the years can be upheld indefinitely as our beliefs are once again defined by our actions (Welfare Politics 14).

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