The Impact Of Homelessness In Canada

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Housing is a necessity of life as living conditions can affect an individual’s health in the long run, but after 10 years of economic expansion Canada has yet to resolve this issue: one out of five households in Canada are unable to afford acceptable shelter (Shapcott, 2009). The Ottawa Charter of Health Promotion recognizes shelter as a basic prerequisite (Bryant, 2009). Many people are suffering, as the income gap between owners and tenants has grown wider throughout the years (Shapcott, 2009). There have been studies conducted by Canada and the Housing Mortgage Corporation have shown that the cost of rent is increasing much faster than income, as the existing amount of housing continues to deteriorate and overcrowding in households is increasing; this is also known as hidden homelessness (Bryant, 2009). Homelessness is a temporary experience, not an identity or a permanent trait. It includes a continuum of housing circumstances (Paradis, …show more content…

In my research I noted that I was sleep deprived the whole day where I noticed that I only got a total of 5 hours of sleep throughout the week which is good when compared to other days where I slept for only 3 hours along with things disturbing me while I slept. In addition to my research I noticed that the caffeine I consumed from my beverage were the ones to help calm my stress down and help me stay alert with my daily activities of school, work and other daily activities I usually do. Finally in my research I noticed I was dozing off at school, work, the commute travel to school and other activities I normal do every day like my school work. The repeating thoughts of not having income for housing has influence on my well-being where in the graph it shows a visual of me having constant difficult in going to sleep which this thought is on my mind along with things causing me to not sleep

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  • Explains that housing is a necessity of life, but after 10 years of economic expansion, canada has yet to resolve this issue.
  • Explains how they used a sleeping diary chart and graph from october 19 to october 25 that accounted how much sleep they had beginning with the time they went to bed, then when i woke up, and how it influenced them throughout the day.
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