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  • Welfare And Welfare: The Abuse Of Welfare

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    The abuse of welfare has lead to the requirement of a reformation, or has it? To first answer any question on the topic of welfare, welfare must be defined, welfare is defined by “financial support given to people in need.” This does not only include the welfare created in the 1930’s but all forms of financial support, this can mean free health care can be classified as welfare, food stamps, FAFSA and many other government programs are all welfare programs. The purpose of welfare being in the

  • Welfare

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    The topic of my Government Research Paper is Welfare due to the fact that my mother could not get those benefits due to her net income, but a lot of people I know did. The US welfare began in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Due to the fact of the overwhelming number of families and individuals that was in need of assistance, the US government responded by creating a welfare program for those who served little or no income, many of us Americans were very unhappy due to the fact that the government

  • Welfare

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    Since the beginning of the War on poor quality in the 1960’s the Federal Welfare system has grown dramatically. Today, the Federal Government operates 80 different funds tested welfare programs; that provide cash, food, housing, medical care and social service to poor and low income Americans, and total government wellbeing is now nearly one trillion yearly. Welfare spending continues to enlarge, yet the poverty rate has remained nearly untouched over the past five decades. Assistance fails to address

  • welfare

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    Images of Welfare “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands: one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” These words are uttered in elementary schools, high schools, and various events and meetings throughout the nation everyday. We usually do not associate the image of welfare with the American flag or think about it as we recite the allegiance. We, however, associate it with images of prosperity and freedom. As I look

  • Welfare

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    involved in welfare today? Under the old welfare system, founded during the Great Depression, the federal government provided fairly uniform benefits to the nation’s poor – mostly mothers and children – with out regard to the details of their personal circumstances, and with no time limit. But as the times changed, changes that should have been made years ago, didn’t become effective until the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act in August of 1996. Now, welfare is left to

  • Welfare

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    Welfare means to kelp out people who are in need of help. It can include people who are out of work, or people who do not make ends meet even though they have a job. Welfare is made to help people who can not work because they are disabled. Welfare was made to make sure that all Americans can have a sense of well-being which means all Americans deserve to be happy, safe, and healthy. Welfare helps people in our country to make a better life when they do not have the money or ability to do it all

  • welfare

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    Welfare can be good for people. Disabled, unemployed or under employed persons, the poor and elderly can all benefit from the welfare system in the United States. Welfare in the form of food stamps help single parents and those people who have lost their jobs. Without Food Stamps many people would not have enough money or food to feed their families. Healthcare systems like Medicare and Medicaid are also an important part of Welfare. The disabled, unemployed, under employed, the poor, elderly

  • Welfare-To-Work: Welfare Programming

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    a horse to water but, if you don’t teach him to read, he won’t know its poison. This is exactly how the current welfare programs in the United States are run. The current Welfare Reform is failing due to Political indulgence in statistics, focusing on the percentage of individuals attaining employment instead of the quality of employee and employment. In order to be successful Welfare Reform must contain vocational education with proper job placement and fair sanctions on recipients. The numbers

  • Welfare

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    Christie worked in YWCA’S child care center in Akron, Ohio. She made a check of 330 every two weeks. She was on a welfare program called SNAP also known as food stamps. “SNAP is the federal government’s largest food assistance program (# 2). SNAP stands for supplement Nutrition assist program to help low-income families pay for food.”(#5) Christie received 136 of “food stamps” every month. In addition, to her every 2 week check and food stamps she received child support from one of her two children

  • Welfare

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    Welfare Welfare is a government program that provides money, medical care, food, housing, and other things that people need in order to survive. People who can receive help from these welfare programs are children, elders, disabled, and others who cannot support their families on their current income. Another name for welfare is public assistance. There are many organizations that supply this public assistance. Such as Salvation Army and other groups. Public assistance