The Stage Of Adolescence

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The Stage of Adolescence Adolescence is a stage in life that brings many changes to one’s life. High school, rebellion, crisis, parties, sex, drugs, social media, and many first are what often come to mind when thinking of the adolescent stage of life, but in reality all this stage is, is the maturing of one’s mind and body. While one’s minds and bodies are evolving both physically and mentally, one is experiencing things such as sexual development and growth spurts. Depending on how your body matures is what may define you as a jock or an outcast and it is mat define your experiences as an adolescent. It is due to this that people either never want to go back to this time in their life or wish to live in it forever. For me, I would never …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that adolescence brings many changes to one's life, such as high school, rebellion, crisis, parties, sex, drugs, social media, and many others.
  • Explains that the old method of parent-adolescent relationships suggests that adolescents detach themselves from parents and move into a world of autonomy apart from their parents.
  • Explains that puberty doesn't define adolescence and does not mark the entry or exist of it. it's an increase in weight, height, and sexual maturation. females begin this stage of life before males and are more susceptible to eating disorders.
  • Explains the influence of social media on adolescence can be both beneficial and deferential. social media is also the leading cause and use for bullying.
  • Compares derek's life to that of the other 17-year-olds in his school due to the fact that he works a full-time job year-round and is the only "out-of-the-closet" homosexual in the school.
  • Explains that derek is distant from most people in his life, including his parents, most friends, and his new boyfriend. the lack of sleep he gets may be the cause of poor attitude and loose interest in general things
  • Explains that sports have been influential in both social and physical development for derek. without sports, he wouldn't have met important people or had such a strong drive for achievement. sports help with weight control, boost self-esteem, and help adolescents learn valuable life skills.
  • Defines adolescence as the worst years of one's life when their enemies are friends, family and enemies. it is important to know and understand the underlying cause of these issues.

After graduating high school, I almost immediately moved out of my parents’ house and have been both financially and emotionally independent ever since. This is not the product of poor parent and child relationship, but the old fashion rule or standard of “your eight-teen and have graduated high school, we, as parents, did our part now it’s your turn, as an adult, to take charge of your own life”. This is not commonly seen or practiced by parents of adolescents in today’s society. According to John W. Santrock of the University of Texas and the writer of Essential of Life-Span Development, “In matters of taste and manners, the young people of every generation have seemed unnervingly radical kind different from adults-different in how they look, how they behave, in the music they enjoy, in their hairstyles, and I the clothing they choose” (Santrock, p. 250). It is because of this need to be different and the changing ideas of older generations that rules or standards, such as the ones my parents set for me, are evolving into a new way of raising adolescents. “The old method of parent-adolescent relationships suggests that as adolescents mature, they detach themselves from parents and move into a world of autonomy apart from their parents. The new model emphasizes that parents serve as important attachment figures and support systems while adolescents explore a wider, more complex social world” (Santrock, p. 280). Whether parents …show more content…

The influence of the media on adolescence can be both beneficial and or deferential. It is here where ones interact with peers, views world news and issues, views and partakes in school gossip, and post about one’s own life and reads about others’ lives. It is often from the media that one’s gain an idea of what one self should look or act like. Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia can be a result of these ideas or images. Social media is also the leading cause and use for bulling. According to Lauran A. Spies Shaprio and Gayla Margolin, authors of the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Heaths journal, Growing Up Wired; Social Networking Sites and Adolescent Physical Development, “the vast majority of adolescents encounter some degree of negative experience through social networking sites, the viciousness of on-line bullying is exacerbated due to the depersonalized yet public nature of technology-based postings coupled with the pervasiveness of social networking sites” (Shaprio and Margolin, 2013). Social media may also affect parent-child relationships. It is sites such as twitter, Facebook, and other various social networking sites and apps that take priority over family activities. These sites also interfere with peer relationships and some social skills and social development are also being affected. Sleep deprivation amongst adolescents is not uncommon and

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