Young Adolescents And The Middle School

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Young adolescents can be described as ages 10-15 years old, but it is also considered that adolescence continues until the age of 25. During this time in an adolescent’s life there are many internal and external factors that affect the development of each individual. The influence that an adolescent’s peers, parents, and community have on them can be conflicting and therefore cause stress. Trying to meet the expectations of others during a time where one is going through so many forms of physical, psychological, and cognitive development can be trying for a middle school aged student. They are expected to focus on their education and the expectation of other outside influences while their bodies are growing and developing into an adult body. When development happens differently for these kids it can affect their psychological development if they focus too much on how fast, or slow they are developing in comparison to their peers. Some adolescents may let their peers influence their behaviors creating a problem with how they interact with others, or how they view themselves as a person. The middle school is a place where students are guided through these developmental experiences with the help of their peers, teachers, administrators, parents and community.

“Middle schools provide 10 to 15-year-olds with developmentally appropriate educational experiences that emphasize the education and overall well-being of the learners,” to address their developmental needs as adolescents (Manning, Bucher, p. 9). Middle school teachers are a big part of providing an environment where their students can grow as the diverse learners that they are, but also an environment that caters to the developmental needs of their students. Teac...

... middle of paper ... there will always be someone to guide them in the right direction for help.

In my first years of teaching I plan to get a better understanding of my school community and the surrounding community, so I know where and how to get support for my students. I plan on attending trainings to keep up with the various concepts and principles that I will have to follow when teaching. I will also need to develop deeper understandings of adolescent development which will help when I am teaching to see changes in behavior and understanding and how it relates to each individual student. As a long term goal I will build relationships with fellow teachers to provide them support and learn together to become a team of advocates for our students. I know that it is up to me to grow and continue learning all that I can to provide my students the best learning experience possible.
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