The Role of the AD Nurse

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The role of the AD nurse encompasses many areas and requires multiple skills. The AD nurse incorporates many techniques in order to provide holistic care for the patient and that of the patient’s family. As an AD nurse you are at the front line of patient care and must demonstrate patience, skill, knowledge, compassion, and respect in all that you do. To be a good nurse you must continue to actively learn in order to provide the most current treatments for your patients. This includes continuing education, evidence based research, and knowledge gained from other health care professionals. The role of the AD nurse is one of great responsibility and must be taken seriously. It is a challenging role that requires sacrifice and hard work, but can also be extremely rewarding. The role of an AD nurse is as follows: Provider of care, Manager of care, and a member of the interdisciplinary health care team.
As a provider of care an AD nurse uses a systematic approach in all areas. Using the process of assessment, analysis, implementation, and evaluation the nurse is able to be consistent and efficient when providing care. As a provider of care the AD nurse must assess a patient’s health status, gather medical history, plan, coordinate, and implement care. The nurse will use continual assessment and evaluation in order to ensure the best outcome for the patient. The AD nurse must develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient in order to effectively treat and provide advocacy. During my clinical rotation I was able to implement many of these steps. I provided daily physical assessments, took vital signs, implemented hygiene care, fed patients, re-positioned patients and changed bed linens. During each shift I was respons...

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...cannot attend to it alone. The nurse must be able to understand and organize a multi-dimensional approach to care. During my clinical experience I was able to work with CNA’s, LPN’s and RN’s. This allowed me to learn from their experience and to deliver better care as a result. I also worked with members of my own team and we each learned from each other’s strengths and weakness.
Nursing is a challenging profession. The AD nurse must show commitment to the profession and to the patients. The nurse must be an advocate, an educator, a scholar, and a team member. The AD nurse must practice ethically; using integrity, responsibility, and accountability in both professional and personal arenas. The AD nurse is devoted to providing the patient with the best care available at all times. AD Nursing is not just a job that you do, but is a large part of who you are.
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