Difference Between Nurse Practitioner And Nurse Informatics

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There are certain aspects and competencies common to role of the nurse practitioner (NP), nurse educator (NE), nurse informatics (NI), and nurse administrator (NA). All four roles act as leaders within the health care organizations depending on their designated areas of duty. Their input is needed to keep the health care institution running. To assume their roles, NP, NE, NI, and NA require some education and credential from nursing perspective or other related experiences. To begin with, the NE and NP roles involves direct patient care. Hence, they must possess competence in the nurse - patient relationship by attending to the patient’s responses to changes in health status and care. Just like the NE, the NP creates a climate of mutual …show more content…

A bachelor’s degree is required for this role, however, a master’s degree is recommended. The NI assumes both the technical roles which closely involve the design of information systems, and the less technical positions, such as project manager for the adoption of a new application or trainer of the users. They bring institutional knowledge and experience to the table when applications are designed to meet the needs of the users (AMIA, 2015). Overall, the application of nursing informatics knowledge is empowering and NP, NE, and NA require it in achieving patient centered …show more content…

My plans after obtaining my advanced degree is to acquire licensure to practice as AGNP in the state of Texas. The Texas BON acknowledges that APN education, experiences, and competency levels vary, hence, holds individual APN accountable for knowing and practicing within their own scope of practice and competency always. The APN’s education is the grounds to their scope of practice: however, the APN can expand the scope of practice within the role and population-focus, as long as it remains within limits of the law. The Texas BON restricts the scope of practice for the APNs. The Nurse Practitioner Supervision Laws require¬¬¬¬¬ APN to work under physician supervision within seventy five mile perimeter. In addition, there is the Texas ' Nurse Practitioner Prescribing Laws which require APNs to prescribe medications under physician supervision and APNs are not allowed to prescribe schedule two drugs. All prescriptions written by the NPs must include the supervising physician 's name, address, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number and phone number (Texas BON,

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