The Reparations to the Descendents of African American Slaves in the United States

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The Reparations to the Descendents of African American Slaves in the United States If the United States government were to support the reparations to the descendents of African American slaves it would be an admitting of their responsibility. This is an issue that the United States government does not want to bring back to the forefront. To them, slavery is an occurrence in history such as the Vietnam War, which is not easy to tell about without editing. What is done is done, and bringing up possibilities of any type of reparation would stir up a negative outlook on government, even if trying to make amends. Currently, it would be less likely for the U.S. government to take any action on the issue of slavery. Besides funding reasons, there is also the fact that reparations may bring more racially diversifying programs into affect. The citizens and government of the U.S. have continuously worked towards equality and diminished racial discrimination. Affirmative action is a state program that has created benefits for multiple ethnicities. Singling out descendents of African Americans slaves with reparations would create a bigger distinction than just differences of race, but also that they are the sole minority receiving compensation because they are a certain color. Government is suppose to take a stand on this issue, because it is covered under civil rights, but because is not an ongoing issue, it will not be attended to. Making a decision for reparation based on skin color is solely a racial issue that government will not take sides on. Timing may also be a factor of why government should not take any action. If enacted immediately after the abolishment of slavery, there would be fewer problems on distinguishing who is... ... middle of paper ... ...hat immediately after the civil way, freed slaves were given confiscated land, but were later deprived of it when President Andrew Johnson allowed former Confederates to reclaim their property. (McGruder, Pg. 4) Government is aware of their losses, but can something be done for African Americans without taking away, or causing conflict among other minorities and whites. Presently, the federal government acts according to the public’s interest. Civil rights cases are still common within government, but will the issue of reparations of the descendants of slaves be substantial enough for government to want to give it attention. No matter what is done, African Americans will always be seen as the victims of slavery, and whites will be those always guilty of it. This guilt by association through skin color will never fade, no matter what type of reparation is made.

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