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  • Problems Pierre LEnfant Encountered in Building Washington D.C.

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    Pierre LEnfant Encountered in Building Washington D.C. Washington D.C., the capital of the United States of America, stands today as a monument to our country's unity and independence. "Its scheme of broad radiating avenues connecting significant focal points, its open spaces, and its grid pattern of streets" is credited to the genius of the French architect and engineer Pierre Charles L'Enfant. However, the process of designing and building Washington was far from easy a task for L'Enfant

  • I Was a Washington D.C. Intern

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    I Was a Washington D.C. Intern On June 9, 2003, my life took an interesting turn. It was a sunny day. Blue skies, humidity insanely high, and I found myself at 4th Street and Constitution in Washington, D.C. I stood before an angled architectural masterpiece by famed architect I.M. Pei; its pointed corners jutted out towards the grassy Mall and Capitol Hill as if it were some sort of Picasso-esque compass pointing simultaneously towards all the tourist hot spots. (The one corner, purportedly the

  • Washington D.C: Our Nation’s Capital

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    Washington D.C: Our Nation’s Capital Although the entire world is familiar with the City of Washington as the United State’s capital, the city was nonexistent when we became a nation in 1789. Thanks to the brilliant design of the French born engineer, Pierre Charles L’Enfant and his assistants Benjamin Banneker and Andrew Ellicot, our capital city that was once a swamp now is beautiful with many different parks, gardens trees, tall buildings and wide avenues. Washington, District of Columbia

  • Washington, D.C.: The First Example of Urban Planning

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    Washington, D.C. was the first capital in the world to be strategically chosen, designed and built. It was established by President George Washington. Washington was given this power to select a permanent capital under the terms of the Constitution (1787) and the Residence Act of 1790, which authorized him to pick an exact location for the country’s new, permanent capital city as well as to choose commissioners to plan and build it within ten years . The process of designing Washington is considered

  • Decline of Slavery in Washington D.C.

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    materials, especially cotton, were used in Northern factories to create manufactured goods, for example clothing. By the end of the 19th century abolitionists started speaking out against slavery, which had become a huge topic of discussion in Washington D.C., the capitol of America. Acts were being passed in Congress to try to eradicate slavery in America, and while they were eventually successful, it took a very long time. A couple of influential acts that were passed are The Slavery Code of District

  • The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

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    The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. The Holocaust Memorial Museum was built to honor those who were directly affected by the Holocaust. “Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God himself. Never” Elie Wiesel (“Holocaust Encyclopedia”). While some believe the building of the museum was a political act for President Carter, others were very optimistic of the outcome. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was a marvelous achievement for this


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    realize Washington, D.C.'s symbolic importance to the British. Consequently they made little preparation to defend the city. As for the British force commander, Vice Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane, he did not yet have his eyes set on other valuable American military targets, such as the nearby port city of Baltimore. Instead, goaded on by a letter urging him to avenge the earlier brutal American raid on the Canadian Port Dover, he focused his forces towards the destruction Washington, D.C.. Just

  • Honoring The Veterans

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    Honoring the Veterans What is Honor Flight? It is an amazing organization that honors World War II and Korean veterans. The veterans go to Washington D.C. to see their monuments for an entire day and some even go for multiple days. The veterans finally get to see the monuments that were built for them. The Korean War memorial, the World War II memorial, and the beginning of Honor Flight all have a great story. Honor Flight is one the widest known organization that is dedicated to veterans. Honor

  • Citizens as Consumers: Modernism and Convenience in the Twentieth Century

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    Convenience and efficiency became the raison d’être of the twentieth century. As the burgeoning markets of industrialism led to the shopping markets of consumerism, Washington, D.C. and Paris, France were competing to be the newest and the most efficient. As the cities became more efficient, they also became more automated: both in their infrastructure and in their denizens. It’s the nature of a city to be a hive for large numbers of people—incorporating them into various systems that serve their

  • Guns Don't Kill People. People Kill People.

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    Many believe that if you enforce stricter gun laws the crime rate will drop. That is obviously not the case. Let’s look at the crime rate in Washington DC for example. Our nation’s capital has one... ... middle of paper ... ...I (2) Texas State Constitution Article 1, Section 23 (3) Carliner, Leah, and Smith, Meg. "A History of D.C. Gun Ban." Washington Post, June 26, 2008. (4) Singer, Linda (Attorney General for the District of Columbia) Legal brief 07-290: "District of Columbia and Adrian M