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    Puerto Rico is an island located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, which is an unincorporated territory of the United States. The islands of Puerto Rico were acquired by the United States in 1898, where Spain ceded the islands to the U.S. In 1917, the Jones Act declared Puerto Rico to be an “organized but incorporated” territory of the United States, and granted US citizenship to all the residents who wanted it. An “unincorporated territory”, according to the US Supreme Court Insular Cases, of

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    Puerto Rico What's a common location that comes up in discussion when someone thinks of a destination to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the Main land of the United States? Normally Puerto Rico isn't too far away from conversation. Puerto Rico is a beautiful place with the perfect climate and many historical sites to take that getaway that you have always wanted. Today we will discuss major issues in/of Puerto Rico, the significance of this research and data sources, and lastly I will

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    Puerto Rico, beautiful… Tropical beaches warm sunny skies and fresh smelling air. Tall trees and secrets untold there are a lot of mysteries in this beautiful land there is also a history of the people that once defended this great island. There story’s are more than just story’s there the way life of these great people. Come with me and explore and learn who these people were how they survived and what eventually brought their demise. The commonwealth island of Puerto Rico is located approximately

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    life of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean, in which there has been a growing problem when it comes to debt, government, the living cost of the communities, and impoverishment. On September 8, 2015, I attended an event hosted by Teresita Levy, whom is part of the graduate committee of CLACLS (center for Latin American, Caribbean & Latino Studies. This event, “Puerto Rico is not Greece: U.S Colonialism, Debt, And Migration”, largely addressed the debt issue in Puerto Rico, and a

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    Puerto Rico also known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is an island nestled in between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean. It has a population of Puerto Rico is 3,474,182 (United States Consensus, 2015) and is 13,791 sq. km. This particular island is unique because it encompasses the strong Puerto Rican traditions, but fall under The United States of America’s jurisdiction. This came after Spain relinquished Puerto Rico to the United States under the terms outlined

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    Include things like place of birth, where you were raised, family structure, educational experiences, and career history. What else needs to be included? Puerto Rico is a small island in the Caribbean that holds a vast, and rich culture. Due to its accessible geographical location, it is often called the key to the Caribbean. Puerto Rico enriched its people with one of the most innate and unique culture different from the rest of the world. The colonization of Spaniards left us not only with

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    The world is filled with many gorgeous lands, but Puerto Rico absolutely tops them all. This land is particularly intriguing due to its vast variety of beaches filled with people of all different ethnicities as if it were a melting pot. When experiencing these beaches the senses are overwhelmed with the smell of fresh salt water, foods ranging from fruits that are both sweet and tangy like candy. As soon as person steps on to one of these beaches, he or she can instantly hear people splashing and

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    seems to ring true in the case of Puerto Rico. In its current status, it is, at best, an afterthought to U.S. politicians. Reporting on current President Barrack Obama's 2011 visit to the commonwealth, Jacki Linden wrote for NPR, "On Tuesday, President Obama will visit the island of Puerto Rico. He first went there as a candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2008....Now the island is buzzing at the prospect of this first official presidential visit to Puerto Rico since John F. Kennedy went there

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    A sugar plantation in Puerto Rico being harvested. The colonization of Puerto Rico by the Americans resulted to a decline in the economy; the presence of the American took every opportunity that the people of Puerto Rico had. In addition, colonization made Puerto Rico a foreign country; this made the import tax to increase rapidly. The Americans took the economy of that country from their hands and into their own; they controlled everything for the time that they colonized the country. In addition

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    similarities and differences between the major ecosystems in Puerto Rico. Each ecosystem has unique and diverse plant and animal life. In Puerto Rico, you can find either several of an ecosystem or one. For example, there is one tropical dry forest (Guanica Dry Forest), one tropical rainforest (El Yunque), several coral reefs and seagrass and around four mangrove forests. All of the ecosystems within Puerto Rico are fairly warm considering Puerto Rico’s latitude. The coolest place on the entire island

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    When news of Hurricane Maria appeared on television and repeated to me by family I did not expect it to devastate Puerto Rico but simple knock down some palm trees and take out power like previous storms. A majority of my family still live on the island along with my father, who decided to retire and move there for some vacation time. Being that the hurricane came during the school year I was more vigilant with my grades and classes and did not follow the storms severity as it approached the island

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    knowing what she was gonna say next. “Were going to Puerto Rico!” my said mom and dad said. We were all so excited and but we didn't know what or where it was, “Puerto Rico is an island off the coast of Florida.” my mom explained to us. “The island has clear water, many beaches, and we have to take a plane to get there!”. I had never been on a plane before so I was even more happy. We talked about it some more, and looked up ‘Culebra, Puerto Rico’. We were going for 10 days and we were leaving in

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    There are many different endemic species on the island of Puerto Rico. There are many different species of frogs, birds, snake, and even some mammals. The reason for this is a process called endemism. Endemism is the ecological state of a species being unique to a certain part of the Earth, such as an island. An endemic species is different from an indigenous because endemic species can’t be found anywhere else. Since an island is so isolated from the mainland, endemic species can grow and evolve

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    Background Puerto Rico is an island located in the Caribbean West Indies which was acquired by the United States after the Spanish-American War in 1898. It is considered a commonwealth, which is a state governed by the people, republic. It is also one of the Caribbean countries that make up the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) which was formed back in 1973 as a regional integration between the countries of the Caribbean. Its purpose is to help promote economic growth and gains through

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    With the building pressure of Puerto Ricans vote for statehood last year resulted in majority voting to become a state (Alessandra Potenza, P21) , brings up the question should Puerto Rico become an US state? Puerto Rico's lack of jobs, citizens, government , and conflicts with United states of America are reasons to why becoming a state would only harm the US. The territory's economy is getting worse and more of a mess. Peurto Rico's unemployment has been steadily decreasing during the year of 2013

  • Imperialism and Alaska and Puerto Rico

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    Imperialism Definition: Imperialism is the act of big and powerful countries expanding their rule to smaller, less powerful countries. Commonly this results in monarchy and oligarchy governments, one leader makes all of the decisions. Alaska Dates: Russia first offered Alaska in 1859, but we were in the middle of the Civil War and we couldn’t focus on buying more land. On March 30, 1867, United States Secretary of State, William Steward, quickly accepted the offer to buy Alaska. On January

  • Everyday Life in Puerto Rico

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    Everyday Life in Puerto Rico The commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico), known to most Americans as simply Puerto Rico, exists as one of two territories owned by the United States1. Being a territory of the United States, Puerto Ricans possess common citizenship, currency, and defense. However, even though Puerto Ricans are United States citizens they do not pay any kind of federal income taxes. Therefore, they cannot vote in presidential elections. Puerto Rico is under the

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    Persistent Poverty and Environmental Issues in Puerto Rico The United States annexed Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War of 1898. Between 1898 and 1901, U.S. government officials began to come up with a new doctrine to conquer nations and what their roles would be in relation to the United States interests. It allowed them to conquer territories throughout the world for military and economic purposes without Congress giving them relief. To allow this to happen, the U.S. created backup information

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    Puerto Rico is a small country that is located southeast of Florida, between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The island is 108 miles long and 40 miles wide and the total area is 3,515 square miles. It was originally discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, who named the island San Juan Bautista, after Saint John the Baptist. The town which is now called San Juan was originally called Puerto Rico by Columbus. In 1521 the names of the city and country were switched and the island

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    American soil, then you better schedule a holiday in Puerto Rico. This piece of American territory offers many kinds of activities for the holiday-goer, small wonder it is fondly dubbed “The Isle of Enchantment.” It is always sunny and Puerto Rico, so anytime is a good time to visit, especially if you want some time away to enjoy the sea, the sand and the sun. How does 70-80 degrees year-round temperature sound to you? And because Puerto Rico is an archipelago, you have a long list of islands to