The Raise and Fall of the Ancient Roman Empire

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Ancient Rome Six Topics Ancient Rome was founded by Romulus, a legendary hero, in 753 B.C. According to the legend, a hero of the Trojan War, Aeneas, settled in Italy after Troy was destroyed. Following the legend, Romulus and his twin brother Remus, were abandoned by their mother and later saved by a wolf. They chose to found a city as they grew older, but fought over the location. As a result of this fight, Romulus ended up killing his brother Remus. He thereafter became the first leader of the city he founded which was named for him. The Etruscans conquered the Romans sometime in the 600s B.C., but the main goal of the Romans was to have self-rule. To get revenge, the Romans overthrew the Etruscan king and formed a republic, a form of government that is still popular and successful to this very day. Ancient Rome had many geographical features that were advantages during this time period for commerce, security, business, agriculture, etc. Six major bodies of water that surrounded Rome were the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. It was located in central Europe. You would think that Ancient Rome had several landforms, but there is only one, Italian Peninsula. This peninsula extends south from Europe into the Mediterranean Sea. The temperature differed depending on what month it was. In January, it is was 45°F and in July is was 78°F. The average precipitation was 38 inches. Vegetation plants included: ivy, irises, bay trees, lilies, roses, and cypresses. All of these plants would be in gardens of the wealthy. In conclusion, these geographical features were advantages to Ancient Rome because they had a warm climate, smart location, and nice farmland. These features would h... ... middle of paper ... ...e where it is today if it didn’t have the historical and important events that took place in Ancient Rome. As you may see, geographical features, government, religions, economics, social structures, and people, all helped out, so Rome could be at the level it is right now. The Ancient Romans have laid a foundation of government that other civilizations have used. Much of our government is based off of the Roman Government. In many ways, the Ancient Romans started a modern government. It was based off of elected leaders. The Fall of Rome took place over a long period of time. It fell for several reasons. One, there was civil war and fighting. The empire also grew so big, that it was very hard to govern. There are other reasons, but these are just a few. Even though Ancient Rome had some “pros” and “cons” it still has made present-day Rome the place it is today.

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