The Fall of the Roman Empire

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The fall of the Roman Empire happened after a extensive history of power. History’s biggest empire collapsed after about 1000 years. This occurred because Rome changed for the worst during the end of its time of power. Rome had 147 emperors throughout its time in control. There were also the good and corrupt times of Rome which all happened before the unexpected fall of the biggest empire in history. There are precise reasons for why the Roman Empire fell. The reasons the Roman Empire fell are that Christianity became the religion in Rome, the empire became too big, and overtime the empire decayed.
When Christianity became the religion in Rome, some people accepted the change and some people did not. Christianity was brought into the Roman Empire by Emperor Constantine during his reforms after a period of crisis in the late Roman Empire. The change in Religion was too big of a modification to society for some people to handle, and instead stuck with the old Roman religion of polytheism. The change in religion caused internal chaos in the empire because not everyone accepted Christianity in empire when the religion changed. With Christianity becoming the new religion, it also changed where people saw who had power, which changed the people of Rome’s believe in the emperor to God because of the religion change. Before Christianity came to Rome, people believed in polytheism, so emperors were basically gods, so the change represents the acceptance of something else to believe in. While Christianity helped with the fall of Rome, the expansion of the empire also assisted in the fall of the Roman Empire.
An Empire that is too big is not always for the better because there are more problems to be dealt with. In the case of the Roman E...

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...the Empire. The decay of Rome helped corrupt the city from the inside, by the city falling apart which made people want to leave the Rome area. The reform with the addition of Christianity, being too big, and the decay of Rome helped the collapse of the Roman Empire.
The fall of the Roman Empire was a non-expected fall after a long time of control. Still to this date, Rome is history’s biggest empire so far lasting about 1000 years. The 147 emperors show how long the empire lasted. The fall happened because during the end of the Empire, Rome was changing for the worst. There were good and bad times before the Roman Empire before the fall of the empire. Specific reasons of why Rome fell include Christianity becoming the religion of Rome because of the reform by Emperor Constantine, the Roman Empire became too big, and the empire decayed without problems being fixed.
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