The Punic Wars

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Romans were a very powerful people, and their influence grew and spread very quickly. Through organized armies and great tactics they pushed themselves up the Italian peninsula, seizing land and territory from the Etruscan League. Rome now owned most of the Italian peninsula except for what was owned by the Gaelic Tribes. (Barker) They grew into quite the power and all of Europe recognized them as a powerful force. Their influence grew and spread across the Mediterranean Sea and it forced the meeting of the two greatest forces of the Mediterranean Sea. It is 264 BC and hostilities between the Carthaginians and the Roman republic are on the rise.

The fate of the island of Sicily hangs in balance. The Romans hunger for power and land, while Carthage wants the same. Both are powerful and rich traders and planned to stay that way. They were both the most powerful forces in the Mediterranean. Romans held military glory in the highest regard, and made military service a required part of political advancement. Carthage also held military glory highly but their military mainly consisted of mercenary soldiers rather than citizen soldiers

Carthage had one of the greatest militaries of the entire world. Carthage had an extremely powerful naval fleet, and advanced war tactics. Carthage borrows much of its war tactics from the Greeks, such as the phalanx which proved to be extremely effective in warfare. Carthage recruited the majority of its army from mercenaries from Spanish Iberia. The most famous of Carthaginian infantry was the Sacred Band, deadly elite spearmen who fought in a tight phalanx. The Sacred Band were also said to be strong devotes to their goddess known as Tanit (Basar)

The wealthier mercenaries fought using Greek wea...

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