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Egyptian and Persian cultures seem to be the most interesting cultures of all ancient history. Historians today do not have enough information about ancient cultures to go into any great detail. Most people when they think of the ancient Egyptians they think of pyramids and also the many odd myths and beliefs, which where a large part of their culture. Persian culture is known for their architectural and agricultural skills which they are said to have passed on to many other ancient cultures.

In ancient cultures communication was made possible by carriages and ships. Most of their communicating and traveling was done on foot or by carriage. Some of the more fortunate cultures could rely on ships. The Egyptians relied mainly on ships for their communication rather then carriages which are much slower. The Nile River was the key to the Egyptians communication.

Most Egyptians worked in the local agricultural fields and also helped build the large pyramids which still are in existence today. The men and women of Egypt were treated equally when it came to work. In The Persian culture some women had rights such as the king's wife and his mother. These women had the right to possess land and other riches.

The Egyptians and Persians empires where both ruled by a king in which made up their government. The Egyptians viewed their king as a god whom had full ownership and power over all of Egypt. The Persian king on the other hand was not viewed as a god, but usually took the job of the priest. The Persian king Cyrus was known for his great power.

The Egyptians believed that if you lived a good and pleasant life on earth that after death your best years of life were just beginning. Osiris was believed to be the God of the next world whom decided whether the dead were able to enter the next world. Egyptians held on to their possessions even after death. The Persians believed that in order to "Gain Paradise" or go to heaven they must live a good life, and also have followed "Ahura Mazda." The Persians concepts of God are much different then those of the Egyptians.

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