The Pros And Cons Of The Punic War

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After the Costly victory of the Civil War, the Union need to reunite. The Union needed to readmit the rebellious southern states back into the country. Some Americans wanted to punish the south because of the war. They wanted to brutally reunify the country. Others, seeking a much more kinder approach, wanted to reunify the nation in a much more generous way. Both sides of the debate, wanted African Americans to have their freedom however. The problem for President Abraham Lincoln was difficult to answer, and had a detrimental impact on the United States that would last an eternity. Should the reconstruction plan be based on punishment or reunification? What are the civil liberties given to the newly emancipated African Americans? What should…show more content…
Throughout history, we have seen conflicts escalate when the winner punishes the loser. Usually the loser becomes sour, and retaliates with an even stronger opposition than the first. We have seen these incidents in the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage, and the World Wars. The first Punic War was based off of land claims and being the "ruler" of sea trade. After Carthage lost, Rome made this country pay heavy taxes and support little or no army. Soon the second Punic War began because Carthage was infuriated with their treatment and torments from the Empire of Rome. This war was even worse than the first and it shook Rome to its core. The first World War began with an accumulation of many causes, but one of the more influential problems was land hunger or imperialism. When Germany lost, it had the same treatment from the world that Carthage got from Rome. In the same case, the Second World War began because of the humiliation given to Germany with the peace treaty. As I was saying, we have seen many conflicts escalate because of brutal peace treaties. I realize that just as 13 colonies fought for Life, liberty, and Justice against overwhelming odds, the south was fighting for their rights. Because of these reasons, If I had to create a plan for the Reconstruction of the United States, it would be to preserve the Union and end Slavery and Discrimination in the country forever; not to punish the
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