The Pros And Cons Of The American Revolution

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Were the American Revolutionaries guilty of disloyalty to the government of England? Is there an ethical duty to rebel against a government rather than peacefully protesting? The new colonies only wanted independence from England, so they did what was needed. The colonies had to fight because if they did not there would be no independence in America to this day.
The relationship between Great Britain and its North American Colonies began to show signs of strain in the early 1700s. Until then, England 's preoccupation with civil conflict and ongoing war with France allowed the Colonies to carry on domestic and foreign trade with little interference from British authorities (The beginning). In the 1700’s the new colonies wanted to gain their
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This man was George Washington he was the first president of the thirteen colonies. He wanted freedom just like the others, but he had to fight. The colonies tried to work out the problem peacefully, but Britain was stubborn by forcing laws and taxes upon them. The way the colonies went with the war makes one believe their ethics were wrong, but they only wanted independence and had to fight for what they wanted. Between 1778 and 1781, British military operations focused on the south because the British assumed a large percentage of Southerners were loyalists who could help them subdue the patriots (The American Revolution). Since then, morals of the fighters were of good needs and nothing more. It was either fight or be pushed around by Britain, so the colonies decided to fight for their…show more content…
Along with this they created the declaration of independce to form a strong contract behind them to fight against the government, and also stand strong against others. Were the colonies guilty of treason? No, because they did what they had to survive and gain their independence. Was there an ethical duty to rebel against a government other than a peaceful way? Yes, because the colonies tried peace many times and the king only refused them. Overall, what America did then was right because they had a good purpose. Also, we would not be where we are most likely if there was no revolution what they did was out of
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