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  • Hingham, Massachusetts

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    Hingham, Massachusetts In 1633 settlers from Hingham, England landed on the south shore of Massachusetts. Soon after, my relatives arrived in Hingham, Massachusetts and our heritage has remained intact ever since. Eleanor Roosevelt traveled down Main St. Hingham and described it as the most beautiful Main Street in America. Ancestors of 16th president, Abraham Lincoln were among the first to arrive in Massachusetts and his massive statue in downtown Hingham helps people remember that. The oldest

  • Aggressive Driving in Massachusetts

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    Aggressive Driving in Massachusetts Driving in Massachusetts, doesn’t always get you somewhere. There were 141,675 motor vehicle crashes in Massachusetts in 2003. In response to the problem, Massachusetts law enforcement officials are vowing to get aggressive on aggressive driving, a growing danger in the state. “We will catch you and there will be consequences, criminal consequences, loss of licenses and even a jail term,” Col. Thomas Robbins, Massachusetts State Police warned aggressive

  • City Of Boston, Massachusetts

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    City of Boston, Massachusetts The major cities of the United States are all very interesting, after I analyzed my decision; I decided to research the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston was founded on September 17, 1630 and has a rich historical background making it a very important city in the United States. “The city of Boston was the home to several important events during the American Revolution such as: the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, the Siege of Boston, Battle of Lexington

  • Mass Hesteria in Massachusetts (Again)

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    Mass Hesteria in Massachusetts (Again) In 1986, a Massachusetts day-care worker named Gerald Amirault was convicted of sex crimes against children -- crimes so hideous they almost defied description. Also convicted were his mother, Violet, who owned the Fells Acres Day School, and his sister, Cheryl, who also worked there. Yesterday, after 17 years behind bars, Mr. Amirault was finally granted parole. Soon he will be a free man again. Of all the miscarriages of justice committed during the

  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Health Care Plan Analysis

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    In April of 2006, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted a type of universal health care. Every citizen in the commonwealth had to acquire some form of health care. Companies of eleven or more people were also required to purchase healthcare for their employees. This provides people with many options of health care, while still requiring them to have health care. Massachusetts has successfully used this system for the past four years, but it is not without problems. There is a severe lack of primary

  • The Success of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    (Divine, 72); while Puritan leader John Winthrop, stationed himself and his followers at Massachusetts Bay in 1630. (Divine, 90) Although both settlements started off relatively the same, the greater success of one over the other has caused continuous debates between many, including the descendants of these early Americans. Some might argue that the Virginia Colony was more successful than the Massachusetts Bay Colony because of the Virginia colonists’ motivation and interest in profit (Divine, 76)

  • Origins and Development of the Massachusetts Colony

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    The Massachusetts Colony Colonists from Britain settled in North America for various reasons. These reasons included the search of religious freedom or profiting. The British Crown granted charters to venturing proprietors or joint-stock companies. Upon arrival, English settlers encountered native populations and Spanish and French settlements. After the failed colony of Ranoke and the challenges faced in Jamestown, in 1620, another group of colonist set out to Jamestown armed with a land grant

  • Virginia Colony Vs Massachusetts Bay Colony Essay

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    Virginia colony and Massachusetts Bay. There are several similarities and differences in founding and development of society in Virginia and Massachusetts Bay. First, there are several similarities between them. Virginia was as same as Massachusetts Bay found in seventeenth century. Both of them were established by English. For instance, the Virginia company sent (101) men and four

  • Compare And Contrast The Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    there by this time and subtly encouraged Europe to do the same. Europe sent people overseas to two sections, The Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Chesapeake Colony. At the beginning, every aspect influenced their colonies success such as social, political, economic, and geographic. In 1629, a royal charter was granted to a group of wealthy Puritans. Their enterprise was the Massachusetts Bay Company. “Future governor John Winthrop stated their purpose quite clearly: "We shall be as a city upon a

  • Compare And Contrast Virginia And Massachusetts Colonies

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    In the early stages of North American colonization by the English, the colony of Jamestown, Virginia was founded in 1607 (Mailer Handout 1 (6)). Soon after the Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded in 1629 (Mailer Handout 2 (1)). These two colonies, although close in the time they were founded, have many differences in aspects of their lives and the way they were settled. The colonies have a different religious system, economic system, political system, and they have a different way of doing things;

  • Anne Hutchinson In Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    How did the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s treatment of Anne Hutchinson, The Holocaust and a dictatorship lead political system influence the continuance of “The Lotteries?” There are many world situations taking place that caused the citizens of a little town in Vermont to continue with their ritual of annual lotteries. One such situation being the treatment of Anne Hutchinson, by the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Anne Hutchinson was born, in Alford, Lincolnshire, England in 1591, the exact

  • Ergot poisoning in Salem Massachusetts

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    wildfire. Although nobody can conclude what really happened in Salem in the spring of 1692, this theory helps to explain plausible outcomes. Of course there are a lot of different theories, but Ergot explains it the best. What happened in Salem Massachusetts will forever remain a mystery, but we will continue to try to come up with possibilities. Works Cited Carlson, Laurie M. A Fever in Salem: A New Interpretation of the New England Witch Trials. Chicago: I.R. Dec, 1999. Print. Linnda, Caporael

  • Fear in Salem, Massachusetts and "The Crucible"

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    What do you fear in our twenty-first century society? Terrorism, inequality, losing your home, or injustice? Salem, Massachusetts during the seventeenth century feared injustices among the government. Individuals hid and lied to keep safe from being condemned as witches. This era of history is known as the Salem Witch Trials. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible explores the Salem Witch Trials while following the lives of several individuals. The fear and mistrust among the seventeenth century Salem society

  • Democracy in Civil Disobedience, Slavery in Massachusetts, Benito Cereno and Bartleby the Scrivener

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    The Oppression of Democracy Exposed in Civil Disobedience, Slavery in Massachusetts, Benito Cereno and Bartleby the Scrivener America has long been recognized as a democratic nation, a nation operating under the will of the people. The forefathers of America fought incessantly against British tyranny to start anew in a land of freedom and opportunity. Because America revived the ancient Greek ideology of democracy, the nation was set apart from the rest of the world and was revered for the freedom

  • Virginia Colony Vs Massachusetts Bay Colony Essay

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    The Virginia Colony Vs. Massachusetts Bay Colony Thesis: Despite bearing some superficial similarities, the differences between the Virginia Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony are prominent. Reason to come to the states: Virginia: to make a profit Massachusetts: for religious freedom Econ differences: Virginia: large plantations of corn, tobacco, sugar Massachusetts: artisan-industries like carpentry, shipbuilding, and printing Social differences: Virginia: Massachusetts: Religion centric. Family

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony Under God Law Summary

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    The Massachusetts Bay – The Colony Under God’s Law The colony, Massachusetts Bay was settled under God’s law in the Americas by puritans that decided to leave the church of England as a result of King Charles I’s persecution. The Puritans believed that they need to purify from the mixed doctrines between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic. Inspired by the opportunity that the Americas can offer to them, they decided to establish a community called “Massachusetts Bay” after a name of their

  • Why Did John Winthrop Govern The Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    role of Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was the first major settlement, and his original aim as governor of this land was to make the colony a democratic colony.The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a successful settlement for the English thanks to the governors and leaders the colony had they made it what it was. It is difficult to make a change , when you are not given the support of your other peers. Even though Winthrop did not succeed making the Massachusetts

  • African-american Troops In The Civil War: The 54th Massachusetts

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    African-American Troops in the Civil War: The 54th Massachusetts The Fifty-fourth Massachusetts was organized in early 1863 by Robert Gould Shaw, twenty-six year old member of a prominent Boston abolitionist family. Shaw had earlier served in the Seventh New York National Guard and the Second Massachusetts Infantry, and was appointed colonel of the Fifty-fourth in February 1863 by Massachusetts governor John A. Andrew. As one of the first black units organized in the northern states, the Fifty-fourth

  • John Winthrop's Speech To The New Colonists Of The Massachusetts Bay Colonies

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    the new colonists of the newly settled Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop, its Puritan governor, delivered a speech to encourage certain values and examples that new colonists should operate by in their daily lives on the settlement. He uses lines from the Bible itself to emphasize the ideal character of a colonist, constantly referring to the Lord and Christian doctrines. Winthrop’s intent to spiritually enlighten the new colonists of the Massachusetts Bay Colony is a lower

  • How Did John Winthrop Make The Massachusetts Bay Colony A Democracy

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    John Winthrop was given the role of Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was the first major settlement, and his original aim as governor of this land was to make the colony a democracy. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a successful settlement thanks to the group of governors and leaders the colony had. Even though Winthrop did not succeed making the Massachusetts Bay Colony a democratic colony he was still a great leader because of his leadership skills, he was one of the most educated