The Declaration Of Independence: The Reasons Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence was the key to winning such valuable freedom from the British government. During the years of 1773-1781, America fought drastic battles both orally and physically to win back what they knew they were losing. Freedom was the motivation behind these many trials, victories, and losses, but the forefathers were not to be delayed in their mission. It was not to be dragged asunder. They were determined, as anyone in this situation would be, to free the American colonists of the tyranny and monarchy that had held the new country’s government on a leash. America wasn’t willing to play puppets with England any longer. True, they attempted many forms of negotiation with the mother-country, but England’s pride…show more content…
America desired for King George to recognize them not as colonists who were feebly revolting at what was at the time a world power, but as a separate and equally important people. They believed that they had a right to a free government just as England did, and they wanted to make this perfectly clear. Interestingly enough, America’s intentions were not on fighting and winning the battle through bloodshed. Nevertheless, the signers of this incredible document stated in closing: “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” (Jefferson,1) This meant that as a whole, they were willing to risk everything for their cause. Many of these men were lawyers, politicians, and wealthy land owners. They had everything to lose, but they did it for all of the American people. As a result, many lost their homes, died in the war, or suffered long nights behind bars. They were aware of the cost, but they knew that they would live in victory or die…show more content…
Sadly, this wasn’t without bloodshed and sacrifice that our forefathers pledged themselves to. They knew they had great wealth, families, homes, businesses, and everything to lose. However, they were willing to risk it all for the cause of liberty. These were real heroes. Heroes whose actions one often takes for granted as a free American. America is not free because of what has been accomplished in recent days. This is a two hundred and thirty-nine year victory. Of all accomplished battles, this is our oldest and by far the most important. The question was why did the founders write the Declaration of Independence. Let it be known that they did not for themselves but for their country. Modest men of great means and material wealth and they wanted and desired no praise. Humble men receive great praise because they don’t desire it but deserve it. Americans should always pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred
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