A New Kind Of Revolution By Carl N. Degler Summary

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According to Carl N. Degler, the entire Revolution should be viewed as a conservative change. In “A New Kind of Revolution,” Degler talked about how the new actions taken place by the English had help structure and shape the colonial government. Not only did the colonies lack the affection of their motherland, Britain, they were also taxed unfairly. On the other hand, “The Radicalism of the American Revolution,” by Gordon S. Wood talks about how the American Revolution was a radical movement. His thesis covered how the country was transitioning from monarchy to republic, and now, democracy. The framers wanted to create a free nation where no single person rule. As well as, the people of the nation having the ultimate say so. Was the American Revolution a conservative movement, or was it not? After going through Carl N. Degler’s article on how he believed that …show more content…

Wood’s article is about how it is radical, I believe that the American Revolution should be consider a radical movement instead of a conservative movement. Even though many people think that the reasons behind the Revolution seem to be conservative, the methods used to reach and gain their rights, as well as their independence, seem more radical then conservative. Carl N. Degler believed that the American Revolution is a conservative movement. “In the eighteenth century… support of the state (Degler, 123).” The Constitution in 1788 clearly stated that the state and church would remain separated; however, majority of the Revolution were somehow connected with religion. On the other hand, Gordon S. Wood thought the Revolution was more of a radical movement. “They made speeches… no storming of prisons (Wood, 130).” Within the first paragraph,

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  • Compares carl n. degler's "a new kind of revolution" and gordon s. wood' "the radicalism of the american revolution." the framers wanted to create a free nation where no single person
  • Opines that the american revolution should be considered a radical movement instead of conservative.
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