The Pros And Cons Of The Revolutionary War

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In the world’s lens during the 1760s, the British empire had a clear and prominent control over the colonies. However, by the mid-1770s the Americans became enraged enough to declare war against the British for independence. Due to Britain’s massive imperial presence around the globe, the British civilians had a strong inclination for a successful outcome. Instead, the colonists pulled a surprising victory from what should have been a swift defeat. While the British had an abundance of advantages, they lost the Revolutionary War because the British army underestimated the colonists’ perseverance for freedom. At the beginning of the war, the preconceptions of each side show exactly why Britain was destined for failure. On the American team,…show more content…
At the start of the war, the Continental Army lacked training and organization. While the scattered guerilla tactics seemed to waste time and resources, they helped Americans stay alive. In addition, the colonists had the advantage of perseverance; they had to fight for their freedom as a nation. Another facet that helped survival was the leadership of George Washington. His knowledge and expertise was critical in making sure his soldiers stayed alive; having the home field advantage boosted his effectiveness as well. All of these assets culminated into a powerful force against the British…show more content…
This conclusion seemed to contradict every presumption about Great Britain’s imperial power. In all other conflicts, the British seemed to win decisively but the problem in the American Revolution lies with Britain underestimating the colonists. The British were blind to America’s symbolic presence as an end to an imperial structure. France and Spain aided the colonists in hopes of defeating the tyrannical empire. Britain underestimated George Washington and the Continental Army. Over time, the colonial militias trained in the European fashion and transformed into a challenging force. Ultimately, the most distinctive miscalculation of the British was the perseverance of the colonists and their fight for freedom. While Britain was fighting for control over yet another revenue source, America was fighting for independence and principle. The difference between the motivations was the predominant factor in deciding the
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