The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Frequent schools across the country have a dress code, but some do not. There is great controversy as to whether schools should have uniforms. I take the affirmative side to this statement, strongly believing that schools should have uniforms to serve both their staff as well as the student body. School uniforms have proven extremely beneficial to the school and the student body. Requiring students to wear uniforms within school systems is a great idea. Not only do they promote equality, but they also save parents money and keep children safe (K). In addition, they signify rules, punctuality, and obedience. According to Hunt (1945), school uniforms would be a great idea because it gives children a sense of identity. Although a great number of the students want to wear their own clothes, such as baggy jeans, halter tops, and short skirts, which are inappropriate for school, uniforms would be a great stabilizer for students as well as their schools. The use of uniforms dates back many decades. There is great complexity behind the use of school uniforms, as their different reasons and origins of uniforms for the world, the United States as well as our state, Mississippi. According to Uniform History (2005), the historical origin of uniforms dates back to the 16th Century England at the charity schools for poor children. School uniform is part of the history of British education. The reason that Britain's great public schools began instituting uniforms was much the same reason that educators in America's dreadfully urban schools have begun to need uniforms. Conditions were so bad that many parents refused to send their boys and instead had them educated at home until they were ready for university (Uniform History). The uniformity... ... middle of paper ... ...hat their actions should have the same effect. This is when students will start to do things that respect and promote their school as a positive environment. This will be when the students learn notability of obedience. School uniforms are a great idea, but there are some people who disagree. Skeptics feel that school uniforms hide students from individuality. Yes, the constitution gives everyone the right to freedom to express themselves, but it does not specifically give freedom to wear whatever you want. There are many other ways for students to express themselves. Many schools offer extracurricular activities, such as art and dance. These are also ways for students to express themselves. When students are not spending all of their time concentrating on how they dress, they will have more time to truly understand who they are. Uniforms are not always negative.

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