School Uniforms In Schools

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The debate over the use of school uniforms in public schools is one that has raged on for decades, and still hasn’t come to a conclusion. School uniforms are increasingly being enforced in public schools throughout the country, amidst a slew of opposition. Some people believe that school uniforms do not help our schools and their students, but hurt the schools and smother the student’s freedom. More specifically, some schools in the Greeley/Evans School District 6 have adopted school uniforms to try and improve the respective schools problems while some schools haven’t adopted uniforms. This leads people to question, should the Greeley-Evans School District adopt a school uniform policy? School uniforms are not new to society. The use of uniforms in schools dates back to the fall of the Roman Empire in the 400s A.D. School uniforms were first widely used by students who went to “song schools.” Private schools and religious schools have also been requiring school uniforms for a long time, and most still require them today. In more recent history school uniform policies first started to find their way into schools in the United States in the 1950’s. Dress codes, which are lesser versions of uniform policies, were established to make sure students wore clothes that were more appropriate to a learning setting. Prohibiting girls from showing too much skin, and boys from wearing blue jeans, black leather jackets, and other such clothing were widely viewed as a good thing. Then as time went on the occurrence of gang violence also began to increase in schools, so schools began to ban students from wearing gang colors, numbers, or drug related clothing (McVeigh). The first school to enforce an actual school uniform policy where students we... ... middle of paper ... is no hard evidence that school uniforms work. Saying that school uniforms reduce violence and increase comradery in students is something that has been seen at schools with uniforms, but there haven’t been any studies that can factually support this. People like to have hard evidence about things before they make any decisions that would greatly affect others. Until there is proven evidence that school uniforms do reduce violence and improve unity in students, there will still be many people who believe that school uniforms do not do anything for the students who have to wear them (McVeigh). This paper could be targeted at a couple of audiences. Firstly this paper could appeal to the general public, or anyone interested in school uniforms in general. More specifically, the papers audience could be the Greeley-Evans School Districts employees and board members.
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