School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

Uniforms in high school have started to become a well-liked trend. Unfortunately, there are some parents and students that consider school uniforms a terrible idea. Some students are unable to express the way they want to look when they wear uniforms. However, there are relatively a handful of people who agree with wearing school uniforms is a good thing. My father tells me this all the time, “Schools that make you wear uniforms makes the students more successful” (Hall). Since I can remember I have worn uniforms since I was in kindergarten. In my opinion uniforms are great thing a schools could enforce upon students. Wearing school uniforms would be the best thing for students’ because school is a place for education; therefore, uniforms…show more content…
However, bullies are more likely to harass other students based on the way the way they dress. They are more likely to harass other students based upon what they might wear. However, if uniforms were mandatory, bullies would not have the opportunity to pick on other schoolchildren, if uniforms were not a requirement. Therefore, when students look similar, other students have a difficult time to make fun of other schoolchildren. Requiring students to wear uniforms causes a bully-free atmosphere for students. However, when students are given a dress code, teachers tend to sees less of the bullying and violence, but more of the students not following the dress code. In an article I found, “The idea that kids in uniforms would be more teachable, more disciplined and less violent fades” (McCarthy). Students should know the rules of wearing a uniform and that the rules should not be broken. Teachers find more of an issue with the uniform discipline because their students are in the principles…show more content…
My uniform may not consist of a plaid skirt, collard shirt, and knee high socks, but my work uniform is a business dress and a nice pair of heels or a pair of slacks with a nice shirt and a blazer with flats or heels, depending on the outfit” (Hall).
My mother was absolutely correct about how people wear uniforms in the work world today. People do not even realize they are wearing a uniform. However, when students that do wear uniforms tend to focus more on their academics, which can lead to improved grades. With uniforms schools tend to have a better appearance and achieve academically. There are numerous reasons why schools should require their students to wear
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