The Pros And Cons Of Canadian Immigration

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A foreigner coming into a country always seems to be a controversial topic, especially here in the United States. Americans say that immigrants coming into the country will ruin the economy, take away jobs, and cause crime rates to rise in astounding numbers. But, there are more positive aspects to a foreigner coming into a country to work rather than negative aspects. Having an immigrant enter the country could initially help the economy, fill jobs, and can be an eye-opening experience for those who have never come in contact with someone that is truly foreign to their country. The main issue seems to come from the political aspect of things, so in order to better understand that there are not that many differences in immigration policies,…show more content…
Temporary citizenship includes visitor visas, student authorization, employment authorization (work permit), live-in-caregiver, fiancée or fiancé (while in Canada), or humanitarian and compensates ground. Their permanent immigration policies are as follows: Independent class or professional class or skilled worker class, business class, self-employed class, family sponsorship. Following these two types of immigration is the Government Visa fees and the Right of Landing Fee which means that a person can go and live in Canada while being under either the temporary or permanent immigration policies. A visitor visa is one set up for tourists coming into the country, while student visa is one used for students planning to attend school within Canada. Their work permits are used to provide non-residents authorization to work within the country. Canada, will not permit certain groups that can be as follows: a security risk, they have committed human or international rights violations, if one has been convicted of a crime, has ties to organized crime, has a serious health problem, has a serious financial problem, lied in their application/interview, did not meet the conditions in Canada’s immigration law, or one of the family members is not allowed in Canada. Learning the information about Canada’s immigration…show more content…
The pair both have two different types of immigration, both temporary and permanent, and they both have similar types of Visas. The countries have student visas, workers visas, and visas for humanitarian relief as well as family sponsorship programs. Similarly, they also use some of the same qualifications when it comes to accepting these foreign people into their country. For family’s they must either be a spouse or a direct family member of the person willing to sponsor them. For businesses one must apply for it both in the U.S and Canada. Their refugee programs are similar as well, as previously stated, if one fears persecution they can apply as a refugee and will not be forced to go back to their home

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