From Mexico to Canada

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According to citizen and immigration Canada statistics, (Immigrating to Canada, 2009), each year, Canada welcomes more than 200,000 new immigrants. It creates a diverse of multiple nationalities. Most immigrants from Europe or their descendants have religious backgrounds which respect universal fraternity. Also the multiculturalism makes Canada a "melting pot" for every member in the "pot". People respect each other and live together peacefully. People with different backgrounds live together peacefully without discrimination. 2.3. Advantages of Canada That Canada is a democratic country with an attractive social environment is another point in favor supporting Why Canada? It offers for immigrants, high standards of life, and plenty of opportunities to prosper in several aspects such as economy and education. Thanks to its exceptional education system, and welfare system with an extremely low criminal rate. For example, the security system at public places is excellent compared with Mexico. Moreover, as a country with a high-economy development, it has a low average of unemployment rate-Canada has the ability to create new sources of job every year. In addition, it has also a stable political ambience and effective legal system. As a result, the percentage of corruption in the government is almost zero; therefore, the political system operates efficiently. It has an excellent environment for living, fresh air quality, beautiful scenery, and stable society. The quality of life which increases life expectancy-which is one of the longest in the world, makes Mexicans opt for Canada, because of the opportunities that this represents. 3. Selection of cities Canada has succeeded in recruiting Mexican labor-intensive heavy indu... ... middle of paper ... ... Conclusion: Every day, it becomes more common that Mexicans explore Canada in search of better economic opportunities and living standards. However, the phenomenon of immigration, does not correspond at the recent time, on the contrary, it is the result of a whole historical process, which bound directly with the conditions of economic and social inequality in Mexico. Against which, Canada turns out to be a risky, but viable alternative for young and adult population that has not found alternative of use and development sufficient in Mexico. (Agren, 2007) “News of the increased scrutiny hasn't reached Jesus Salazar, the shoe shiner with Canadian dreams. And the opportunity still beckons. Some of his friends have gone to the United States, where he says, "The ‘migra' is always looking for Mexicans." In Canada, he says, "I'd be free as a bird."

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