Canadian Immigration Policies

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Canada's immigration policies changed many times after the end of WWII. Before WWII the immigration policies were "picky" on the people who wanted to come to Canada, but after, it was fair and equal to everyone. Canada's immigration policies changed drastically from being discriminative to being fair and equal to everyone, every country and race after WWII. This act to eliminating discrimination was successful because of; the introduction of the Point System, the introduction of New Immigration acts/policies, and finally the changes made in accepting Refugees. These action completely changed the immigration policies. The point system which was first introduced in 1967 had played a vital role for the change in immigration policies and also for the changes in Canadian's thoughts for other races. Instead of judging people on their race and cultural background like before (e.g. the Chinese Exclusive Act), the point system judged people on their qualifications such as; language skills, work skills, and level of education. Both people with a family or a single independent individual could apply for the point system. The introduction of the point system was also an attempt to remove all discrimination and prejudice in the immigration department of Canada and the government tried such an attempt because after WWII, Canada was a part of the United Nations (UN) and was involved in Peacekeeping of the world. The point system didn't stay the same, for it was modified few times after it was put into place. The first time it was modified was in 1978, it focused on individuals more, there was more requirement of educational and occupational qualifications placed on the individual than people with families. It was again reviewed ... ... middle of paper ... ...ration-policy>. Li, Peter S. Destination Canada: Immigration debates and issues. Don Mills, Ont.: Oxford UP, 2003. Makarenko, Jay. "Immigration Policy in Canada: History, Administration and Debates |" Immigration Policy in Canada: History, Administration and Debates | 12 Aug. 2010. Maple Leaf Web. 17 Dec. 2013 . Mclntyre, Tobi. "History of Canadian immigration policy : Canadian Geographic Magazine January/February 2001." History of Canadian immigration policy : Canadian Geographic Magazine January/February 2001. 2001. 19 Nov. 2013 . Stoffman, Daniel. Who gets in: What's wrong with Canada's immigration program, and how to fix it. Toronto: Macfarlane Walter & Ross, 2002.
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