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  • Refugee And The Concept Of Refugee

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    is becoming commonplace in mainstream society the concept or status or refugee is a concept of high importance in the anthropological study of conflict within and across borders as well as the impact this has on host societies. Refugee is officially defined by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) as a person “who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality

  • The Refugee Crisis: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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    The Syrian Refugee Crisis has grown to be the largest refugee crisis of modern history with two million Syrians who have fled and five million displaced still inside Syrian borders. (5) The refugee crisis is causing many economic issues in countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and others, scarcity in essential resources such as water, overcrowding, and also many social issues in countries where Syrians are taking refuge. Not only is The Syrian Refugee Crisis having a devastating impact on Syrians

  • refugee paper

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    The agency is able to provide many great opportunities for the Him family upon arrival even though they were sponsored by their uncle to move to the States. The caseworkers will be working with the newly arrivals very carefully as they transition into a comfortable lifestyle in the United States. We have office appointments set up for the Him children and for Ra and bang Vantha to organize outings to get their social security cards, getting the children registered to talk about school, and where

  • Refugee Resettlement

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    and those are race, politics, religions, nationality, and so on. Wars oft... ... middle of paper ... ...earch to Promote Effective Refugee Resettlement, 43(1), 56-71. doi: 10.1177/1363461506061757 Simich, Laura., Beiser, Morton. & Mawani, N, Farah. (2003). Western Journal of Nursing Research: Social Support and the Significance of shared Experience in refugee Migration and Resettlement, 25(7), 872-891. doi: 10.1177/0193945903256705 UN General Assembly. (1948). Universal Declaration of Human

  • Analysis Of Refugee And Refugee Children

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    text, Refugee and Immigrant Children: A Comparison, it says, “Several key characteristics affect the adaptation of refugee children…,” (Fantino and Colak 587-596). Refugees are affected by many factors when adapting to their new home/life. “She volunteers to tutor us all. My time with her will be right after school. I’m afraid to tell her how much help I’ll need,” (Lai 165). Ha is now going to be tutored by her neighbor, but she is embarrassed to tell her that she needs a lot help. As a refugee she

  • Refugee Migration

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    They disfavor, in Bharati Mukherjee’s words, Maximalism creed. The element of ‘double identity’ “as an ambassador and a refugee” does not haunt them. They think of their role only that of ambassador and fail to adopt the host culture, always nurtures a desire to protect and preserve the native culture. However, the second generation gets inspired by their role as refugee that induces them “to seek refuge, protection, and relate more positively to the host cultural.” This difference, in Uma Parameswaran’s

  • Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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    Syrian Refugee Crisis Since 2012, the Syrian refugee crisis had increased over the next twelve months. According to UNHCR, in September of 2013, one million refugees left Syria during the first two years of the crisis. The second million fled Syria in just six months (Syria crisis: Thousands of refugees flee violence). Why they fled, what’s the cause? In 2011 a protest broke out challenging the author of President Bashar Assad. The government cracked down on the group of protesters violently killing

  • Being A Refugee

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    On the Run and Settling Down The Struggles of Being a Refugee Ha, from the book Inside Out & Back Again, and all refugees have experienced a feeling of being “inside out” because they had to deal with the dreadful process of getting out of their own country. The refugees also don’t know the culture that they are going to. Refugees from all over the world are constantly being forced to leave their home and they have to make a decision on what they need and what they don’t need. “Into each pack:

  • The Refugee Crisis: The Political Causes Of The Refugee Crisis

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    describing this event as the worst refugee crisis since World War II. The Refugee Crisis has sparked a great deal of attention and although the majority of the depictions of this event are more focused on the humanitarian aspect of it, the situation requires a holistic analysis, an incorporation of politics, law, economics and even philosophy, to be able to fully tackle the problem. The political dynamics of the conflict in Syria is the essence of this refugee crisis. The PPLE course could help

  • Analysis Of Teacher Refugee Learners For Refugee Students

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    teachers “misinterpret learnt behaviors pertaining to survival in refugee camps or in the migration process itself as behavioral difficulties” (Due, Riggs, Mandara 170). When teachers make assumptions about student behavioral issues based on their “personal observations and assumptions,” it leads to “error of communication diagnosis of the kids” (Usman 112). Neither teachers nor parents should assume they know something about refugee students based on their personal opinions. Some teachers believe