The Problem of Suffering

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The Problem of Suffering

Suffering can be described as the condition of somebody who goes

through some type of pain, distress, damage, grief or loss which

occurs to themselves or someone they are close to. Many people have a

negative outlook towards suffering but through this essay it will be

shown how people have different views about suffering and when this

occurs most.

There is a wide range of views that people have of God in times of

suffering. Usually when somebody undergoes suffering they ask God the

question "Why me?" which is very common. They think that God caused

the suffering just to make them feel unhappy. For example, if somebody

were diagnosed with cancer they would most likely ask this question

because they believe that nothing like this would ever happen to them.

Another view that people have of God in times of suffering is going to

the extreme of questioning his existence. People want to know what

sort of God would allow suffering and why. People often seem to think

bad things about God when something bad happens to them or someone

they are close to but there are others who think that suffering is

quite a good thing and that God is doing the right thing in letting it

happen. From suffering, lessons can be learnt about doing the right or

wrong thing and God can see through humans who are suffering, the good

things which can be done to them by other people.

I believe there is a purpose to suffering. I think that it shows Gods

perfection to some extent and how different people react towards it.

For example, if a homeless man were on the sidewalk asking you for

money, would you give it to him or not? If somebody is suffering, you

should meet their needs and accept them without judging them. Even in

little things like this God sees how humans treat people who are

suffering which is usually better than they would usually. I think

suffering is not a random thing; rather, God picks people who he
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