Analysis Of God Behaving Badly By David Lamb

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In the first chapter of God Behaving Badly, David Lamb argues that God is unfairly given a bad reputation. He claims these negative perceptions are fueled by pop culture and lead many to believe the lie that the God of the Old Testament is angry, sexist, racist, violent, legalistic, rigid, and distant. These negative perceptions, in turn, affect our faith. Ultimately, Lamb seeks to demonstrate that historical context disproves the presumptuous aforementioned. In addition, he defends his position by citing patterns of descriptions that characterize God throughout the Old Testament. “Our image of God will directly affect how we either pursue or avoid God. If we believe that the God of the Old Testament is really harsh, unfair and cruel, we won’t want anything to do with him” (Lamb 22). Clearly, they way Christians choose to see God will shape their relationship with Him.
One of the main dangers in the way we chose to interpret God in both testaments, is our tendency to see the Bible as containing two different gods: the God of the
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Lamb proves that a negative perception of God could “affect a person’s passion for reading Scripture” (Lamb 22), the choice to draw near or flee from Him, and perception of his followers. Overall I think Lamb adequately uses evidence to demonstrate “negative perceptions of God, stemming from erroneous interpretations of the Old Testament, not only affect non-Christians who refuse to believe in him because of their misconceptions, they also affect Christians, in both obvious and subtle ways” (Lamb 21). If I could add to Lamb’s argument, I would include a section dealing with the origins of the misconceptions reviewed in this chapter. This section would enlighten readers to the sources the negative perceptions of God’s character. Some misconceptions may have begun in Biblical times while others may have arisen in this century, therefore it would be interesting to understand their
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