Pain Essay

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What does pain mean to you? Pain is a tense feeling that tells you something may be wrong. There’s physical pain- acute and or chronic, emotional pain, and also a phrase known as “pain in the ass”- which is where something or someone is being annoying and or troublesome.
Physical pain is a term that is being used to describe when your body physically hurts. For example- when you stub your toe, hit your elbow, or scrape your knee. After these things, our body could experience throbbing, aching, or burning sensations. Physical pain consists of acute pain- which is our body’s normal reaction to pain. For instance- when you put your hand on a hot stove- your body quickly reacts as you push your hand away. You will feel burning and throbbing for
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Or felt anxious or depressed? In my days I’ve felt all of these things. My dad passed away when I was eleven, increasing my anxiety and depression and causing distress- an emotion you feel when someone close to you dies or you have gone through a shocking experience- like a car accident. In 2016 Summer Year I got hit by a drunk driver and have had higher levels of anxiety and forms of PTSD. When in emotional pain I feel as if my body is stuck and my heart begins to beat rapidly. I tell myself to calm down and breath in and out- as I think of hugging my mother and hearing her sweet, soothing voice telling me “Everything is going to be…show more content…
Physical pain doesn’t have much of a trigger for a repeat, while emotional pain leaves numerous amounts of reminders and triggers. When we have a cut we apply medicine for it to feel better and help your body heal-(positive).As physical pain can also be used as a distraction from emotional pain. Some of you may know teens and or adults have used ‘cutting’ their skin with a sharp object causing physical pain, to distract the emotional pain. In the long run that’s not going to fix your problem-the pain can tend to get worse the more you decide not to deal with the issue. Emotional pain we do little to protect our self- esteem when it's low. A Lot of the time people do not use positive results for distraction in the long run. We’ve grown into a world where others begin to ignore the situation, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and or use drugs. In the long run that’s not going to fix your problem-the pain can tend to get worse the more you decide not to deal with the issue. Positive ways to deal with emotional pain and or problems with the connection of physical pain would be- therapy, focusing on your strengths, apologizing and or forgiving yourself in times of guilt, and don’t forget to remind yourself that you are more aware of your mistakes than someone else
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