The Pain Of Others By Susan Sontang Analysis

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Regarding the Pain of Others It was not until the 19th century that a very powerful tool was examine in depth by different viewers, photographic images. In the depression years, war was not seen by others as what war really is, and or what war can do. Some perceived war as an act of heroic action, and were not really aware of the pain that war brought to others remotely. Photographs were and continue to be visual representations of current and history events. In Regarding the Pain of Others, written by Susan Sontang. She analysis many factors in how war is perceived in images/photos by different viewers. Susan Sontang also reacts to a key point word that Woolf ’refers to as “we” when it comes to relating to the pain of others and there experience of this subject. As an eminent lawyer from London asks Woolf, “How on your opinion are we to prevent war?” (Sontang 3),…show more content…
Sontang criticizes Woolf’s way of thinking of how a photograph should speak for itself, and not taking in consideration relatively truth of pain behind every picture. Sontang remarks, “But is true that these photographs, documenting the slaughter of noncombants rather than the clash of armies, could only stimulate the repudiation of war? Surely they could also foster greater militancy on behalf of the Republic. Isn’t this what they were met to do?” (Sontang 8). Sotang demonstrates that these photographs may be misinterpret by others and just viewed as a way of justice. In this quote Sotangs attempts to bring these pictures to others as form of connection between the real and unreal of war and destruction within it. Furthermore, Sontang is trying to make others understand that the pain of others should not be measure on the distance that these pictures come from, but instead to keep their value meaning of awareness in

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