Benjamin Franklin and Religion

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For many centuries, God has been changing; His interpretations are what that has changed the most about him. The God of the 1st century is nothing compared to the God that billions of people worship today. Seeing that God has undergone so many different types of transformations, I would be correct to say that many diverse understandings about His role and His teachings have come about. For example, there are several, unique types of Bibles addressing what God has said, but honestly, He only said what He spoke in one way. The various beliefs about God have led Christians to gain different perceptions about their God, which caused them to worship and appreciate Him in drastically different ways. This can be seen particularly in the way Deists, such as Benjamin Franklin, recognize God and His Word in opposition to that of the Puritans.

As skeptical people, we all question what we cannot see or have trouble understanding why certain things happen, especially those spiritual or supernatural occurrences. Franklin was born into a Puritan family and seemed to follow the Puritans’ ideas for following God’s Word. Around the age of fifteen, Franklin began to question the Bible causing his Puritan based background to quickly fade. He had started reading books written by Deists and began to question the truthfulness of the events in the Bible. These Deists authors combined religion and reason to believe in a creator whose presence is not demanded in their day-to-day lives. After his readings, he was not absolutely sure that the Bible was a revelation by God. He felt that the men who wrote the Bible were not directed by God in any way whatsoever. He also began to doubt that Jesus was even the messiah (Franklin, 6). Franklin’s God had become a...

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...te apparent in the differences and very few similarities in the way they view God and His Word. Deist believe that God created the universe and left it up to mankind to decided how it will be run while the Puritan congregation depended entirely on God to decided how Earth will be run and hoped for His love, grace and salvation. Although these particular individuals originated from the same areas around the same time, their ideas of God are on two different extremes. They were all exposed to the same religious teachings, but the presence of numerous interpretations of God let them each to a different understanding about Him and His Word. These different beliefs led these people to live different ways and worship God diversely. The existence of copious interpretations caused them all to view their role and importance of the world in God’s eyes in very different ways.
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