The Poorly Informed Walrus

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The Poorly Informed Walrus This case told the fable of Old Man walrus who had a really bad temper and whose bark “every other walrus feared” (Schermerhorn, 2012). According to the story his herd was running into difficulties, but because of his lack of effective communications skills his first in charge was afraid to tell him the truth. This caused the entire herd to suffer and eventually abandon both the Old Man walrus and the first in command. It was a fun, yet perfect example of what can happen in any company, or basically in between any group of people if there is not good communication amongst the group. Usually is not a situation when just one person suffers, instead everyone involves suffer and are left to deal with the consequences. According to our textbook, communication “is the process of sending and receiving symbols with attached meanings” (Schermerhorn, 2012). There are many elements to the communication process. There needs to be a source, who is the person trying to relay the message. This source has a message he/she intends to relay, it has an intended meaning which is encoded in their message, whether this is written, verbal, or with gestures. That is when the channel of the communication comes in. The channel can be a number of things such as a face to face conversation, over the phone, an email, blog, basically any which way in which you can communicate with someone else. There also needs to be a receiver, whom as the word says it is the person intended to receive the message. It is the receivers’ job to decode the message and understand the message, at which time they would respond with feedback to the original source. Though it sounds like a very complicated way to describe a “simple” communication interacti... ... middle of paper ... ...d video conferences, we email, instant message, text, to mention a few and through it we need to overcome noise, cultural differences, any role conflicts that may exist, biases and any misinterpretation (Richards, n.d.). In a study perform in 2014 at the Beihang University, in Beijing, China, in regards to effective communication and the impact it created on learning performance we can see how important effective communication is. The conclusion of the study showed that effective communication created a positive classroom impact improving learning performance. It advised the college administrators to promote effective communication amongst teachers and student in order to promote academic achievement (Shan, 2014). It is necessary to learn the communication process in order to at least try to eliminate as many barriers as possible in order to effectively communicate.

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