Understanding the Power of Effective Communication

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HOW COMMUNICATION IS USED As one can see, communication is about more than just exchanging information. It 's about discerning the emotion and intention behind the information. (Segal, Robinson, & Smith, 2016). Effective communication is also a two-way street. It’s not only how one convey a message so that it is received and understood by someone in exactly the way one intended, but it’s also how one listen to gain the full meaning of what’s being said and to make the other person feel heard and understood (Segal, Robinson, & Smith, 2016). Effective communication also serves as an instrument for any professional; this also helps to build adaptive, good working relationships between you and your staff/co-workers, which can in turn improve morale and efficiency (Queensland Government, 2016). In the business world to be considered a true professional, one must be able to clearly explain company policies to customers and clients and answer their questions about your products or services (Queensland Government, 2016). There are some profitable businesses that …show more content…

For example, most North Americans stress the significance of “fairness.” “You’re not playing fair” is a severe criticism calling for changed behavior. However, in certain countries people expect firm groups to receive superior treatment (Locker & Kaczmarek, 2016). Most North Americans accept challenges and believe it produces better performance. However, the Japanese believe competition leads to conflict (Locker & Kaczmarek, 2016). American businesspeople have faith in that success is based on individual accomplishment and is open to anyone who excels. In England and also France, success is more clearly connected to social class (Locker & Kaczmarek, 2016). And in other countries, people of some backgrounds or races are forbidden by law from full membership in society (Locker & Kaczmarek,

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