How Do Teenagers Communicate With Teenagers

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When children grow, they suddenly go through the teenage phase. Once the children get to that phase, the parents start to realize that their teenagers who were once children start to communicate less with them. For a parent to communicate with their teenage, it takes a lot of work for the parent to communicate with the teenager. For instance, teenagers tend to focus on more their phone than focusing on whoever is trying to communicate with them. Parents and teenagers communicate with each other to have a strong bond with each other so they can trust each other and be honest. Often times that can be difficult for the parent, because they seem that the teenager doesn’t trust them, or also because of the communication levels are so low because of the technology that advances in our everyday lives.…show more content…
There are multiple reasons to this situation, the reasons that it is hard for the parent to communicate with the teenager is because of stress, working extra shifts at work, or just don’t know how to start off the conversation. However they are trying their absolute best to communicate with their teenager. The reasons why it is hard for teenagers to communicate because they can’t express the way they feel to someone who is older than them. They that their parents or guardian wouldn’t understand their problems or the problems that they are facing in their lives; for instance dating having boyfriends/girlfriends, girls having trouble with talking to a guy that they really liked or a guy having trouble talking to a girl that they really like. As stated in the article “But when teenagers talk with their parents, they often feel controlled. They’re afraid of their judgment and consequences” ("Conversations between Parents and Teenagers" 19 Aug.

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