The Philosophy of Education and my Goals as a Future Teacher

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The education of a child would serve as the foundation to their lifelong learning. Since I have learned that every child is unique, I believe that there should be a philosophy where it combines different types of theorists to make an environment where is safe and free to learn. Education is a simple word, but analyzing this word is more profound because it can last forever in their lives of the students. There will be different philosophies of education in this paper that will be discussed. Every philosophy perspectives that teachers have chosen for the students it is important because it can depends on their teaching strengths and effectiveness. The goal of any philosophy could be that every student would be able to succeed in their lives. As a future teacher, my goal it will be to establish a classroom that would be print rich environment that invites the students to learn, a safe place to be, and a place where learning is fun.

Education on a child includes many people during this process. The first people would be the parents. The parents would be playing the most important job in the process. They would have the option to send their children to school when they are young. The School should be prepared to give education to the children to make a difference in their lives. The teacher it is the second most important because she/he will be responsible to accommodate every student needs, goals and educate them to succeed in their lives. Students should know why education it is important in their future, if they already know they would be able to keep their education until they have achieved their goals. It is important for the students to have the desire of going school, this will help them to learn and enjoy the school. They w...

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...that self-esteem has to start at home, and teachers have to make sure that every child has high self-esteem. A child that has high self-esteem will contribute more in the classroom than a child who doesn’t have self-esteem. I will be closer to the children who demonstrate to have low self-esteem. I will be encouraging them to build their awareness of their skills.

I have also agreed with Erikson’s since their stages of psychological development are important in a classroom. The students need to trust the teacher and the environment of the classroom. I would introduce me, before the school starts, to let them feel comfortable with me. Autonomy plays a big important role in children, for the reason that they would feel proud if they can do most of it by their own. To encourage the autonomy, I will let the children to try everything until they can do it by themselves.
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