The Personality Test From The Jung Typology Test

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As we live our lives each day we probably do not contemplate our personality types or how our types intertwine themselves in our mannerisms and actions. I recently took a personality test from the “Jung Typology Test”. The test revealed that I am an extravert, sensing, thinking, and judging which we will refer to as an ESTJ throughout this discussion. The personality test reveals your four types of personality along with your two temperaments associated with your type. As an ESTJ, I fall into the SJ (sensing, judging) temperament. In this discussion, I will attempt to explain what I have learned about myself through the personality test as well as correlate my type with my temperament. With the information revealed in tests, I will reflect…show more content…
My percentage scored at 34% which is moderately above perceiving. Judgers tend to rely on their decision-making ability and desire structure. They also tend to be better at coming to a decision over perceivers. I can definitely see this applying to me as I have a difficult time understanding how people struggle to make a decision. I had a supervisor once that seemed to be paralyzed by indecision and that led to me being frustrated frequently because couldn’t get done due to the lack of decisions. How do these types work together? As an ESTJ or any other type for that matter, one must understand what each of their four personality types are and how they fit with each other. David Keirsey expounds on the personality types described by Jung and Myers-Briggs to theorize on the temperaments associated with each of the 16 personality types. This theorization assists us in understanding how our types work together and describe who each of the types are. The temperaments are categorized by two letters that associate them with one of the 16 personality types. The “SJ” temperament is the one that is associated with an ESTJ. The S and J stand for sensing and judging. Keirsey describes “SJ’s” as security seeking and labels them as “The Guardian”. The temperament for an ESTJ includes an external focus, requiring logic which requires structure. ESTJ’s through their temperament are…show more content…
I fit in to that category before this assignment and I find it to be quite interesting understanding the 16 personality types, especially discovering my own. It is surprising to reflect on myself and see how much the ESTJ type applies to me. I currently work as Fire Marshall for the County in which I live. My entire career has always been in some form of public service work and mostly around public safety. I have had several jobs in a part-time capacity but my career has always been some sort of para-military organization. I was a United States Marine and saw action in Iraq and left the military to pursue a career in the fire service. So, as I examine retrospectively into my career I see a lot of structure and regimented framework. I am not sure how much my military experience contributed to being an ESTJ or if the experience just magnified qualities associated with being an ESTJ. Nonetheless, as more of an Extravert I am upbeat and outgoing. At my job, this works in my favor but my desire to talk does set me back sometimes. My mind seems to never stop producing thoughts, or analyzing information I receive. Often in meetings, I end up being the person who has the most to say. I am not shy and I say things very respectively but I am compelled to express myself if I feel strongly about the subject. Part of my current profession involves investigating fires to see where and

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