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Often, I have taken personality tests online to determine what my “actual” personality type is. Some have been helpful and others have been completely different from who I feel that I am. After taking the 16 personalities test, I feel the results to be very accurate. There were some things that I did not agree with, but, majority of what I read describes me to a tee. Personality is defined as the visible aspect of one’s character as it impresses others ( The results from my 16 personalities test reveal that I am an ESFJ personality, also known as “The Consul”. What does that mean you may ask? I will start by explaining the results and what explains the ESFJ personality type to be. According to…show more content…
ESFJ personalities are social creatures. They are warm and loyal people who want to feel trusted and valued. There are few personality types that are as practical and caring as ESFJs. They are known for their social and administrative skills, and are good at creating and maintaining a secure, stable, and friendly environment for themselves and their loved ones. They take seriously their responsibility to help others and to do the right thing. ESFJs love to be of service, so long as they know that they are valued and appreciated. They are supportive and outgoing and always find time to chat and laugh with everyone wherever they go. They are described as well organized, bringing structure and order to their workplaces, and often work…show more content…
I would define myself as an energetic, outgoing and positive individual. I love to be involved and love to help others any chance that I can. I am easy to get along with and have no trouble walking into a room of strangers and coming out with new friends. My last position I was a full time float at Boice Willis Clinic and loved every minute of it. This job always kept me on my toes and I could be pulled at any moment to work in another department. I had many responsibilities and I felt important and needed. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed and needed this feeling until I took my current position with the City of Rocky Mount. I took this job for much better pay, and room for growth. I knew that I would be for lack of a better word, bored, in the call center but I knew this was my way of getting my foot in the door. I love what I do in the call center because it still involves helping others, however, not having all the responsibility I use to on my shoulders is hard to handle. I compare the two because this shows exactly how the ESFJ personality type works better under pressure, and with clear, predictable, hierarchies and tasks. The monetary and routine such as what I experience in the call center is not enough of a challenge to keep me entertained and as involved. Although, I feel like in the work environment, I take criticism very well and actually use it to my advantage to improve my skills,

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