The Little Foxes Movie Vs Play

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Many works of written stories such as plays, short stories, novels, and even people’s diaries have been modified and made into movies or screen plays. A screen play is different from a play because play productions are written for a stage and live people watching. Screen plays or movies are re-made for film, can be edited, modified, and left open to the director’s ideas. The Little Foxes is a play written by Lillian Hellman in 1939 and is considered a classic among 20th century drama. The Little Foxes was made into a screen play (movie) given the same title in 1941. The Little Foxes play and movie were written for two different types of media, print and production. Therefore, they cannot be exactly the same in their ending version. The Little Foxes play Horace, Regina’s husband, is …show more content…

It does not mention that he has a heart condition, just that he is wheel-chair bound. In the movie, a substitution is made. Horace is sickly and away receiving treatment for his heart condition. This substitution is important because in the play, Regina’s two brothers come and ask her husband for the $75,000 for their cotton mill, which he refuses so they steal his railroad bonds from the bank safety deposit box. The play is about the jealousy and desire for wealth of Regina on her own, rather than relying on the wealth of her husband. The fact that she was a female and unable to inherit money of her father causes her to rely on her husband, where as her brothers inherited money and rely upon themselves. In the play they ask her husband for the money, therefore even further showing Regina that she is a female and unable to control wealth. In the movie this is

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