Poor Kids Movie Analysis

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1. Poor Kids is a documentary that highlights a major issue the United States is suffering from. This issue is known as poverty, more specifically, childhood poverty. This documentary views the world through the eyes of children that are subjected to lives of poverty due to the poor financial state that their parents are in. Life is very rough for these children and they must live their everyday lives with little to none of the luxuries most people take for granted. Poor Kids sheds light on the painful fact that there are children that starve every day in the United States.
2. As the Film Poor Kids continued on it became more and more apparent that the main issue was poverty among children in the United States. It needs to be first recognized
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The conflict approach is one that puts an emphasis on inequality and competition between social groups that leads to problems. Throughout the course of the Poor Kids documentary the conflict approach can be implemented to help explain why childhood poverty is caused. Conflict theorist can point to Brittany’s family as an example of how competition between social classes can cause poverty. Brittany’s father was working for a company that decided to scale down in order to better sustain itself during tough economic times. As a result, Brittany’s father lost his job with the company since he did not hold a high position within the company. Brittany’s family when her father had his job was not considered a high class family as far as income and luxury goes. The video did not specifically state what class family they were, but it can be inferred that they were probably a low middle class or low class family. So, because her father was not holding a high position and was not considered of high social importance, he was let go as if he was almost expendable. If he was of high social class and held a higher or more important position within the company than he probably would not have been let go. This refers back to competition between social classes (Turner). The old cliché, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer can be thought relevant in this situation. Also, the conflict approach can be applied to the part of the video in which Brittany’s dad was unsuccessful in finding a job. Her dad went online and submitted an array of applications to a multitude of different companies in hopes to get hired. Unfortunately, he didn’t hear anything back from any of the companies and was not offered a job. His lack of success in finding a job can be explained in various ways. The conflict approach would point to his social status as a key reason in why he was unsuccessful. It can said that because Brittany’s father was not of a high social class or group he wasn’t given as
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