The Crucible Movie Analysis

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Heather Lockerman Mrs. Lux English 10 Pre AP/Honors 3 March 2014 The Crucible: Movie Critique One of the most well known plays of today's generation is The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller. The play was written in 1953 about the Salem Witch Trials that occurred in the late 1600's. Arthur did a careful job of researching the events that took place, and was able to portray them in his own words. About 40 years later, a movie was created about Arthur's play, directed by Nicholas Hytner. Although both portrayals had some major characteristics of each other, there were also some major differences as well. Both Miller and Hytner agreed on some things for The Crucible, they disagreed on other things as well. For example, Miller does not portray Abigail Williams as the leader of the group of girls, but more as an equal. In Hytner's representation of Abby, he makes her the "head" of the group, and every girl does as she does. Another difference between the play and movie is how the first scene between Abby and John Proctor takes place. In the play, Miller simply writes about how the two ...

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