The Importance Of Value Position And Organizational Performance

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The frontline employees play a crucial role in delivering process (Congram &Fridman, 1991), in obtaining and responding to customer feedback (Munro & Ogston, 2008), provide value-added service through successful interaction with customers (Edvardsson, et al.1997), receiver and provider of services (Schneider & Bowen, 1985).Qualified and satisfied employees as a main factor of internal marketing bring profitability for organization through delivering sufficient outcome to customers (Schneider & Bowen, 1985).IM help employee to understand organizational goals and its importance .Accordingly ,IM make value to employee then customer though meet the internal and external customer’s expectation by promises made and value proposition and ultimately…show more content…
Value proposition as a central element of BM is essential for any business to effectively involve with all of stakeholders and actors .value proposition is a “promises about potential future value creation” (Gronroos, 2011).As highlighted by Frow et al (2013) there is no research in relationship between value proposition and organizational performance .in this regard, Sub-Questions (SQ1) of this research can be formulated as:
SQ1 -“How do IM and SI serve to value proposition to affect organizational performance?”
Value proposition is not limited to external customer ,it is significant element for job satisfying .it refers to value provided by organization to employee ,instead employee bring value to organization through their skills, experience and capabilities .it help employee meet their expectation in exchange for their attempt to help organization to achieve their objective .there are various studies conducted in employee value proposition but there is no research on how organization can meet their employee expectation and in-turn how employee help organization to successful .Accordingly ,SQ2 & SQ3 can be formulated as :
SQ2 -“How do company improve value proposition on IM within the context of
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“reviewing literature state that value is the main driver of any service business model .Innovation in service is mostly focused on cultural capability ( Ettlie &Rosenthal,2012), human resource communication (John&Storey ,1988) , and customer communication (Baines et al,2010) rather than technology, However technology has significant role in service innovation (Barras ,1990).from service system perspective, human resources in organization are the main internal resources that can accessed in making value proposition. According to globalization and fast growing of technology ,companies shift their BM from transactional (Product oriented) to relational (Service oriented ) and engaging employee and customer in service-in use .Therefore companies can influence in customer behavior through service innovation .Based on the research conducted by IFM &IBM (2008) ,service innovation is a “ combination of technology innovation, business model innovation ,social organizational innovation and demand innovation with objective to improve existing service system ( incremental innovation ) ,create new value proposition ( offering ) or create new service system(radical innovation ) .”The two main roles in service system are service provider and customer. Value proposition is based on

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