Cost And Consumer Value: The Benefits Of Customer Value

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BENEFIT-COST=CUSTOMER VALUE I understand the term customer value to define how customers weigh the benefits of individual purchasing decision against the costs of these products. Every consumer has a unique way of measuring benefits versus costs and will sometimes pay for higher quality items and other times buy the low costs items, depending on which has the highest value to them. Customer Value is important to my company. My Company knows who purchase their goods and services and why these consumers view our offerings as having the highest value to them. Every consumer has a unique set of needs and resources, so no two consumers will place the same customer value on the same product or service. The highest quality product or service does …show more content…

One of these programmes is Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. This is the programme where our company goes direct into the community and supports those who are really in need. By doing so we make sure that we build strong relationship with our customers By offering the lowest price products make the consumers believed in us and creating the strong relationship with the customer value. CONSUMER BUYING PROCESS There can be many things that might factor into the want to buy something. There are many steps that a customer takes before actually buying a product. Environment and the people giving service at that have an effect on customer to make a decision on buying the product. In our company we make sure our customers are the Kings and we make sure that they are always motivated to come into our business. We always make sure that when they come to our stores they experience the best shopping and that they find what they want to buy and we have a reason for them to buy. We make sure that our merchandising is up to standards and it motivates the customers to shop in our stores. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CUSTOMER

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