Core Values Of An Organization Case Study

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824 words

Identify some core values of this organization as best as you can. What do they believe in (beyond organizational success or profitability)? How might their revealing these values to customers and employees create opportunities to exceed expectations? How can they translate core values into actions to produce A-plus value, thus strengthening relationships?

The core value of this organization is honesty, reliable, consistent, positive, inspiring, innovative and loving. These values are depicted in the past and present of the organization. Independent Auto Sales and Service is owned by a couple whose love and support among each other built this company. They have been in the business for fifteen years. This shows how reliable and consistent …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they would create a positive environment where employees would feel comfortable to solicit their ideas. they would encourage employees to express ideas and give constructive feedback.
  • Opines that each employee should give his or her input in idea-generating sessions. sometimes people hesitate and don't share their idea.
  • Opines that they prefer ideas in writing form because they believe jotting down ideas can express it more clearly and in a better way. they process ideas by refining and sorting them.
  • States that they will be always accessible to gather ideas anytime as they believe ideas should be directed right away. however, they would schedule a monthly meeting just to discuss the ideas.
  • Describes the core values of an organization, such as honesty, reliability, consistency, positive, inspiring, innovative, and loving.
  • Explains the importance of a motivated employee, constructive feedback, genuine rewards and recognition, and how to avoid overdoing it.

There is a simple reason for the belief that if an organization is successful then profitability will follow it. Their values also portray their belief in organizational success.
We can build customer loyalty by revealing the values to the customer. Customers will often go out of their way to support companies that share their values. We can build employee allegiance by revealing the values to the employees.
They can translate their core value of honesty into action by giving true and accurate estimates for the repair service of the autos. They can translate the value of reliability by doing a satisfactory job on the repairs. They can translate their values by giving an excellent customer service to the customers. This will produce A-plus value, thus strengthen the relationships by building customer loyalty.
Consider ways to get employees of your organization involved in generating A-plus value ideas. How would you do this? Be specific about the following:
• What you would teach employees before soliciting their ideas?
I would create a positive environment where the employees would feel comfortable to solicit their ideas. I would encourage the employees to express their ideas. I would give constructive feedback to them when they share their

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