The Importance Of Spanking On Children

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As the world is changing so are peoples view on many things money, religious views and how to discipline children. In the 20th century it was not uncommon for parents to use spanking to control their child’s behavior. Now a day’s parents have been arrested for spanking their children and it listed as child abuse. It is not illegal to spank your children. Parents must use discipline to teach children right from wrong. Some opinions still lean toward spanking being a form of abuse and that spanking a child is unacceptable because striking a young child will not actually teach them to be good. Some say spanking also hurts children mentally and spanking a child is no different from hitting someone else. Parent should have the choice to use spanking…show more content…
Child abuse due to spanking is normally caused by the parent having some sort of anger or temper issue and they take it out on the child. Spanking would normally turn into beating the child. They can leave bruises, cuts, or possibly even death if hit directly in the head with blunt force. It can also turn into violent tendencies from the child. It could cause the child to begin to fight, bite, or hurt others in school or public. In the heat of the moment, most parents do not associate the long term psychosocial or behavioral effects the act of spanking can have on a child. If parents begin to over use spanking the child may begin to fear parents or older adults. The child may feel as if they are being abused and seclude themselves in social situations especially in school. A lot of arguments have been made on spanking. Parents perceive that spanking is a way of disciplining children while others argue that spanking is a way of abusing children. In fact, when spanking is practiced out of anger children do not learn any lesson from it. The aim of spanking is to discipline a child and not to cause pain. Therefore, spanking should not be the immediate option. Some other discipline ways could be “time out”, counting to 10 for child to stop, or taking away
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