An Argumentative Essay: Spanking The Disciplinary Method

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Spanking the Disciplinary Method
Spanking is a disciplinary act that has been used by parents for years now. It does not seem like a big deal at the time, but spanking does have long term effects that can affect the child even when he or she is a adult. Spanking whether it is appropriate for parents or any guardian of a child should be allowed to spank their child or not. There is a lot of controversy because parents say kids need to be disciplined when they are behaving badly. Others say parents shouldn 't spank their child because they long-term outcome is worse and they are not teaching the child a lesson. Some parents agree with these specialist and don 't spank their child but use other ways of discipline that doesn 't involve hurting
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"Spanking doesn 't work, and it just makes kids mistrustful and aggressive. What we 're teaching them is fear rather than responsibility and problem-solving." said Kimberly Sirl, a clinical psychologist at St. Louis Children 's Hospital (Blythe). This is important because parents need to understand spanking doesn 't work and it results that the child becomes aggressive and mistrustful. Parents are trying to teach their child a lesson but instead making them fearful. Children will be aggressive and think violence is the answer to everything. The point of spanking is to teach the child what they did was wrong but kids don 't get that message when they get physically abused. It teaches them the wrong lesson and they think that it 's okay to spank kids so when they get older they will probably do the same thing. Corporal punishment of a child by a caregiver is legal in every state, but it crosses the line to abuse when a child is injured. Doctors and teachers are required to report to authorities any marks, bruises, cuts or other injuries inflicted on a child (Blythe). Anyone who is a caregiver of a child is legally allowed to hit the child. It only becomes an issue or problem when the child is left with bruises, marks, and injuries. If a doctor or teacher were to see any type of bruise on the child they are required to report it. There is spanking a…show more content…
Why, then, when they "misbehave" do we not hold, rock, or talk to them? Why do we instead reach for spanking, much as an alcoholic or drug addict reaches for their fix (Dale)? Spanking is like an addiction when the parent always spanks their child. Parents care and worry about their kids over everything else yet chose to hit them when they are misbehaving. When drug addicts or alcoholics feel the need for a fix they go and get it how is it any different then the need to harm their child when they 're not behaving well. Parents over use the spanking technique and it just becomes a habit to use on their child. Another reason we habitually spank our children is that we have become neurologically hooked on "the good fight." With fear and anger comes the release of adrenaline. As this hormone begins coursing through our veins, our hearts start beating faster, our muscles tense, and we prepare for action (Dale). When us humans get mad or angry our muscles tense and we neurologically want to fight. The adrenaline that travels through our veins makes us get ready for ¨fight¨ mode when we are not getting our way or when a child is not listening. Our body reacts in this way because we get so frustrated that our mind thinks we need to fight against the child that is not taking us seriously. Parents may not realize that they
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