Spanking Most Detrimental Punishment for 3-year-old Children

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According to a leading researcher in the field of pediatrics, mothers who spank their 3-year-old children may be increasing their child’s risk of aggressive behavior over the next few years. Spanking is the most detrimental form of punishment for 3-year-old children, considering the effects produced in the spanked children either currently, or in the future. Spanking has been a common form of discipline for many years. As research on the negative effects of spanking continue to surface, spanking becomes less common. Some of these negative effects are: the child does not understand the reasons to behave appropriately, but instead avoids the behavior in fear of spanking, spanking in 3-year-olds can lead to far more aggression at age 5, and it's a form of discipline that becomes less effective with repeated use.
Spanking doesn’t allow children to learn the reasons why to act appropriately. When parents use physical punishment, such as spanking, to discipline their children, they do so in order to improve their child’s behavior. According to a report composed by a lead researcher in the field of pediatrics, spanking does not teach children the reason for why they are being punished or why their behavior was wrong. Spanking teaches children to act in a desired way only because of fear of being punished. Being a victim of spanking, I only feared the idea of being spanked, and that is why I changed my behavior for the time being. I did not actually understand the reasoning for why I was being punished. Spanked children do not understand the positive and important reasons for acting properly.
Being physically aggressive by spanking your child leads them to be physically aggressive as well. According to the Pediatrics Journal, spanking 3-y...

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...ture, and second, in the parent’s eyes, must be increased in order to continue to be effective. This can possibly lead to child abuse because the parent won’t understand how violent they are being toward their child because the child will not react the same to spanking after time as it did the first time it was spanked.
There are detrimental risks and disadvantages to using spanking children as a form of punishment. Children will never actually learn the reasoning for why they are being spanked. This will not produce benefits for the child later in life; it will actually hurt them because they aren’t learning important lessons as a child. A giant risk a parent takes when choosing to spank their child is that it may lead to increased aggression by age 5. Also the more a parent spanks, the less effective it becomes. Spanking has no benefits and is harmful to children.
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