The Negative Effects Of Spanking

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Spanking has several effects on the children which build many opinions among the people. Researchers have shown many positive and negative sides of physical punishment. There are several people that agree with spanking their children and there are others who are against punishing the children. Many of the parents who spank their children believe that spanking is sometimes okay because they think it will make a positive effect on their behavior. Spanking is used to correct children’s behavior, but, many people think that instead of bettering the child’s behavior it makes it worse. Spanking has been a huge issue in the past decades. Many children have been physically abused and many others have never experienced any physical harm. However, several people have been fighting so that spanking becomes against the law and so that the children have more rights and security. On the other hand, there are other parents that want spanking to be legal because they believe spanking has helped them correcting the child's behavior. In the past years, researchers have conducted many studies about how a child is affected…show more content…
I am very sure that I could have learned it in another way. I believe that children can be very intense and get on your last nerve and you just want to spank them for whatever reason you may have but that does not mean that you should do it. I think parents are not patience anymore in those situations and without thinking about the consequences they physically punish their children. I think what parents should do is count to ten or think before doing anything and take other alternatives to make the children understand the difference between right and wrong. Parents or caregivers should get punished by the law if they spank their children or decide to use physical punishment if the children get severely

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